Recumbent I writhe
Beneath the rake
Of your eyes

Willfully spread
Before you

Not yet complete
For underneath,
Unseen pleasures

Harmony hiding,
Impatiently waiting
To be drawn

Sinews stretching
Fresh canvas
For your easel

Bring my skin
To a flush, blushing
Crimson pink

Paint me in
Tones of want
And need

Splash color
To my stark
White bones

A masterpiece
Of vigorous strokes
Roughly sketching

Taking me
In measures

My lines bending
Shadows catching,
Yielding to the light

Charcoal drawn
Etching chevrons
To my skin

A mosaic of emotion,
Ripping, shredding,
Revealing more of me

Paper, primed
And Pollock painted
Your sable servant

My need drips,
Oils of emulsion
Eager to feed

All creativity,
Our flavor savored, wild
With sweet debauchery