Pledge to find 
My cherry broken 
Planting seeds 
Pleasures spoken 

Drizzling wild fruits 
Into my behind 
Kneading me 
To free your mind 

Sculpted bronze 
With silver skull 
Squeezed inside 
My secret hull 

Leather stroke 
Splitting peach 
Chords of light 
Inside me reach 

So close to heaven 
Cheating death 
Noose tightens 
Choking breath 

Breaking entry 
Taking things 
That only 
Domination brings 

Confidence strong 
Stretching sinew 
Coming groans 
Begging, continue 

Santorini’s sunlight 
Wax melting wings 
Phoenix rises 
Icarus sings 

Corinthian Mistress 
Most heavenly Muse 
Storms of passion 
Leave their bruise