You’ll bind my body and tie me tight 
Secure me to the bed one night 

You’ll make me beg, and take control 
Give your heart, and steal my soul 

You’ll bring me to new heights of need 
Desire laced with wanton greed 

Your touch inflamed, and made aware 
Of every nerve that pleasures there 

You’ll have me climb onto all fours 
And strip me of my moral mores 

You’ll tell me just how good I look 
You’ll read me like an open book 

With silk ropes tied, and leather bound 
Mewling wants, my only sound 

You could free me, but you won’t 
Ache to rush me, but you don’t 

You’ve plans for me, yet I don’t know 
Imagination. Overflow

Perhaps you’ll let me suck you dry 
Or toy me ‘til the batteries die?