For You:
48 rings I now count
Where once there were 33
195 full moons have passed, since
You carved your love inside my tree

15 rings around you grow
And 2 score or more will follow
I am awoken to the truth
I am no longer hollow

Orion’s light held in your eyes
Beneath the River in the Sky
Where under Ashdown’s canopy
Emotions cannot hide or lie

You are my muse, essential
My drive inspired to create
I plan to paint and draw you
And patiently I wait

To make my home a studio
And let my Self live free
To express my love with artistry
And find more of you in me

Yours is the body I long to paint
Because I see the light in you
And there I find the truth in me
What more is there to do?

I thank the River in The Sky
For bringing you to me
I am healing, I am growing,
And I am learning, how to be
For Me