The cabin kitchen is small, but well equipped, and filled with bright morning light. You fill the kettle at the deep porcelain butler sink, then place it on the range.

With a click, click, click, the gas ignites, and the crown of bright blue flames greets the underside of the kettle.

For the first time you glance at the time. 9:30AM. Plenty of time. You don’t open the shop until 12:00PM on Sunday’s.

While waiting for the kettle you wander through to the front of your charming little cabin.

A beaded curtain hangs in the doorway at the end of the narrow hallway that connects the back of the cabin to the front.

Beyond the beaded curtain, the interior of the little shop is dark, the front door and windows shuttered heavily enough to keep the sunlight out.

But there are tiny cracks between the driftwood timbers that clad these walls, and where squinting shafts of light can bleed through, decorating the interior with a magical mystery of early morning light.

Breaking through the beaded curtain, everything seems as it should. The glass cabinets and shelves, filled with precious gemstones and crystals.

You pause in the doorway, beneath a little overhead sign where capitalized white letters display a polite reminder upon a leaf green background, announcing: “Staff Only”.

For a moment you allow the energy of the store to speak to you. Abalone, agate, amethyst, aquamarine and azurite. Bloodstone, garnet, jade and jasper. Moonstone, obsidian, onyx and rhodonite. A choir of connection calls to you.

You’re reminded of how often you’re asked by a browsing visitor, do crystals really work? And you smile as you say:

“They do for me. They make me happy when I look at them, I place them all over my home to remind me that the beauty of Mother Nature surrounds me, and to always be grateful, they help me stay grounded when I hold them in my hands, I pause, I listen, and I breathe.”

You sigh, quietly acknowledging the astrology of your soul. Knowing you are a mystic, a healer and a dreamer. Knowing how dreaming your way through life is your way of life.

And knowing there is a fine line between fantasy and reality, one where it is often hard to discern which is which.

You hunger to manifest the ideal, forging your dreams in a fire of fantasy, finding your innocence caught between the hammer of the gods and the anvil of a hard-working life.

The hopeless romantic in you will settle for nothing less than the fullness of your dream.

You close your eyes and take a deep breath, opening yourself to the energy of these gemstones and crystals.

Slowly opening your eyes, your consciousness is drawn to witness a single bead of light, seeming to strike the polished surface of a Rhodonite palm stone.

You don’t question the significance, seemingly drawn from an energy within, your hand now reaches out to close around the chosen stone, feeling the cooling, soothing, smooth surface immediately comforting against your palm.

You know this stone. The hidden healing, and the nurturing, the energy of its innocence, its love concealed, one that now speaks to you and yours, and you feel it in your heart as your fingers press it to your palm.

Just then, the kettle whistles!