My physical patience is overpowering you, your impatience growing desperate, your body tingling with a tenderness that could so easily be ignited, a tinder against which you begin to beg for my spark, the long slow scratch of my match-head, running against you, the thought of our flame bursting in defiance of the deluge of your inner wetness.

Eager for my next move your eyes reach up into mine, their open message easy to interpret, they speak of love and willingly confess their weakness, every inch of your physicality giving in to my control, aware and alert to the rhythmic movement of my hand slowly rubbing against the hardness of my cock, and our senses fill with the sound of our groans as we fill each other with our wanting.

You read the shift in my outline, my shoulder dropping, pushing my arm deeper down inside my open jeans, curling my grip around the girth of my cock and manfully pulling my hard cudgel up and out into the open air.

Your eyes flicker, glancing at the aroused size of my prized sex, gorged, brazen, flexing furious, an undeniable hardness held in the light grip of my fingers.

My body shifts, muscle and bone moving, concentrating my pelvic core, extending my sex toward you, pressing the velvet smooth mushroom of my manhood against your lips with the pressure of a light kiss.

I hold myself against you, patiently appealing to the chemistry of our confusion, waves breaking inside us with tidal forces, we’re a cocktail of emotions, suddenly shaken with ecstasy and desperation, there’s an effervescent fizz bursting inside us, patience and impatience locking horns, overwhelmed with our wanting to fuck, and my needing the storm of our passions to settle else I’ll suddenly come.

Adjusting my stance, my thighs flexing, hips tilting I’m edging my manhood, pressing more of my sex against your mouth until slowly you yield, easing your jaw to open and feeling the hot flesh of my cock pushing slowly inside.

The flood between your thighs flows rich and intense, your hands bound high above your head, the hard, dark timber frame of the heavy mahogany door, closed firm behind you, the buttoned gusset of your Stella body begging to be unfastened and for the feel of my fingers, tongue, lips and cock to come tending to your sweet sex.

I’m in heaven, voyeur, my eyes opening and closing, watching you, your eyes rolling open and closed, your nostrils flaring to breathe, inhaling and exhaling, as my cock throbs, slowly rubbing more of my manhood in and out of your watering mouth, stretching your lips, and pushing more and more of my sex over your tongue.

My musculature focuses around our entwined tantric energies, my centre and my core, combining with yours, to guide my pelvic motions, finding a rolling rhythm, my inner tide rising, strong and confident, stroking and easing my way inside you.

Your mind overflows with hedonism, a journey of self-indulgence opening inside your aroused imagination, a fantasy forming, revealing a Russian doll of darker desires…