You suck harder on the cherry red candy held in your mouth, the melting sour sugar distracting you from the wicked heat of your punishment.

And yes, you might well wince, but in truth the pain feels too sweet, and you don’t want to dissuade me, instead you find yourself arching your back and shamelessly pushing yourself further out, wanting more of my attention.

~ # ~

For a moment you emerge from the depth of your fantasy, glimpsing the reality of our Corinthian suite.

The flood between your thighs flows ever more rich and intense, your hands remain bound high above your head, the hard, dark timber frame of the heavy mahogany door closed firm behind you, the buttoned gusset of your Stella body begging to be unfastened and for the feel of my hands, tongue, lips and cock to come tend to your sweet sex.

I’m voyeur, standing over you, watching you where you crouch below me, my eyes opening and closing, taking in the sight of you, your eyes rolling open and closed, your nostrils flaring to breathe, inhaling and exhaling, as my cock throbs, slowly rubbing more of my manhood in and out of your watering mouth, stretching your lips, pushing my sex over your tongue and love-fucking your mouth.

My musculature focuses around our entwined tantric energies, my centre and my core, combining with yours, to guide my pelvic motions, finding a rolling rhythm, my inner tide rising, strong and confident, stroking inside you.

With a deep breath your mind submerges, overflowing with hedonism, you dive down into an ocean of self-indulgence, snorkeling for more arousal, returning to the deep, to open another Russian doll, revealing darker and darker desires one hidden within another and another…

“Look at you, fox” I growl into your ear.

“Such a horny hot fuck, aren’t you?”

You make a small noise, signaling your agreement. The smooth round weight of the sour cherry lollipop suddenly seems heavier in your mouth.

You can feel me pressing against you, and you realize just how hard I am. There’s nothing gentle or yielding about this thick rigid shaft of mine, commando and barely restrained beneath the tightened denim of my jeans, my probing sex pushing against the hollow between your thighs.

I sense you’re breathing a little faster as I lean in and give you the sensual feel of my warm open mouth brushing against your neck, I’m savoring the heat in your skin.

Reaching around, I take a hold of the white stem of your lollipop, teasing you with it at first, rolling it in your mouth from side to side. Playfully you use your lips to suction around it, sliding them over the bulb of hard candy as slowly I ease it out from your mouth.

“Are you going to be my dirty little fox tonight?” I’m murmuring hotly, pressing more of my cock against you.

You don’t say anything at first, already distracted by my fingers, they’re hooking into the top of your thong, tugging the lace right between the cleft of your ass, and pressing into your flesh until you shiver with anticipation.