“You’d better tell me, fox, because I’m going to go extra hard on you tonight, but for sure I’ll make you wait if you don’t confess” I warn.

Leaning back against me, you move your ass instinctively to rub against the bulge in my jeans. You want it so bad you’re breathless.

I stop your teasing, issuing several firmer slaps to smack against your already sensitive cheeks. They tremble in response, your tender skin is beginning to red-rouge.

“You wanna get fucked so bad, don’t you?”

“Yes,” you confess.

“You know I would have thrown you up against the wall if only you’d been here on time,” I tell you punishingly.

“I would have fucked you so good and so hard, I’d have filled you up with my big hard cock, all the way until you couldn’t take anymore, just the way you like it.”

You rut and rub yourself against me, coaxing me, wanting me to stop with the talking and start with the fucking.

“But now I’m going to make you wait, just like you made me wait. And in the meantime, I’m going to have some fun toying with you, my naughty little fox.”

I step away, beyond the reach of your seductive rubbing, my hands pinning you to the door, demanding:

“Now push that ass out for me again.”

You’re obedient to my demands, easing your long legs to part slightly wider, expecting to feel my fingers come hungry and invading.

Instead you feel a sharp tug against the back of your string. And you turn your head to glimpse the mischief in my eyes as I work the seam of your thong aside, determined to reveal your tiny tight pucker.

You clench responsively as I completely expose the soaked smooth split of your perfect pink and puffed labia.

I begin running the sticky bulbous head of your sucked wet lollipop between the wet flesh of your flushed labial lips, coating the candy in your juices before sliding it into my mouth. “Mmm, fox, you taste so good”

I pop the wet lolly from my mouth and slip it back inside the split of your sex. Then withdrawing to your tightest hole.

I’m pushing and you’re gasping, feeling the sticky candy pressing into your tiny tight ass.

You will your muscular ring to relax, overcoming her initial resistance, until she begins to open, swallowing the cherry red bulb before gently closing around it, leaving the hard white stem poking out between your cheeks.

“Can you imagine how good my cock would feel inside you right now?” I tease, before grabbing you by the wrists and spinning you around to face me, quickly backing you up against the door.

Your arms remain high, held against the door despite my releasing your wrists and reaching for your blouse, hooking my fingers into your cleavage and roughly tugging until the buttons rip and pop, scattering across the marble floor.

You gasp, overtaken by my force and hunger, listening to the sound of the material splitting open, seeing my jaw clenching with the effort, my eyes intense as they follow the path of destruction.

I don’t stop until your blouse is ripped wide open, and not a single button remains, your breasts heaving with your heavy breathing, in and out.

You’re transfixed, held against the door and under my gaze, as I press you into the hardwood. One hand moving around you to sink into the flesh of your ass as my mouth descends over your nipple, angrily sucking the sensitive taut, bullet hard, bud before sliding over to torment the other.

You feel my teeth, terrorizing, greedily grazing each nub, and you let out another helpless whimper as your muscles tense and relax, feeling the hard-cherry candied lollipop shifting, squeezing inside you.