Huh? I catch myself, caught adrift, coming back to the here and now. Wondering how long have I been daydreaming?

I glance at my wrist, but the familiar face and strap of my watch are long gone. I deliberately removed it, not wanting to be reminded of the day, date or time. Not on this trip.

Looking out, my eyes squint as they scan across the relentless flat emptiness of this Nebraska. And I can’t help but wonder. I wonder, where might you be right now, and what are you doing?

~ VII ~

“I’m watching the water rush up and over his feet, rising around his lower legs, climbing his thighs. A fresh wave rides up on his hips, concealing his manhood from me, his lean torso is twisting, his broad shoulders swaying as his stride comes closer.”

“Go on.” Your doctor encourages.

“Our eyes are fixed, fused, there’s a free flow of love pouring through this light, a forest stream of green amethyst and flecked amber, flowing freely from my eyes and pouring out through his.”

“What else can you see in his eyes?” your doctor softly soothes, compelling you to open your heart and confess.

“I see a bonfire of burnt bracken, a haunting of hazel hues, brightly lit, a woodsman felling, a forest now on fire, he’s smoldering, beneath a raking of autumn leaves, a pagan sacrifice, a wicker man, a pyre of carbon and ash.”

“And you want him?”

“I want to feel his arms closing around me, holding me to him as I float on the warm water, with the sun setting on the edge of the ocean, and our mouths coming together.”

“I want our eyes to close, and for the loving light held in our eyes to channel out through our mouths, I want to feel our essential energies pouring in and out of each other.”

“And what does he do?” your doctor asks, opening a door inside your mind, where a library of unread, leather bound books wait for you to open them and take in their hidden secrets.

“He draws me to him, the warm water is sparkling under the dipping evening light, his eyes covet the jewel like droplets of water beading down my shoulders.”

“And, Ooh, he’s unhooking my straps and peeling my swimsuit down over my chest. I’m dissolving from the inside out, melting against him, the warm salty water washing against my breasts, the sun slipping down, baptizing me with the last of her light.”

“I’m reaching my arms around his shoulders, feeling an almost equine strength in his neck, cradling him to my breast as he holds me, I’m floating freely in his arms, his mouth pressing around my breast and sucking my nipple hard into his embrace.”

“The waves are rippling beneath me, my weightlessness held so tenderly, my breast captured in the motion of his jaws, his tongue whipping and mauling for more of my nipple, beating her to a slow roasting submission.”

“And God, I love how hard I bruise, especially when, oooh fuck, when I’m in his mouth!