Your therapist observes how your body squirms on the couch, reflexes, uncontrolled, your feet stroking their affection, one rubbing against the other, your senses lifting on a tide of erotica.

“We’re turning on the tide” you continue. “We’re giving in to the gentle summer current that’s claiming us and lifting us gently back up onto the sands.”

“My bare feet are descending through the water, finding the soft sand, I’m almost upright, barely standing, his hands are pulling around my rump, riding me up onto his thigh.”

“I’m gripping my legs around him, squeezing him to me, the sunset caught in the glimpse of my closing eyes, his lips are pushing over mine, his tongue claiming the company of mine.”

“The tide is rocking me up against him, I’m wet inside, my sex rubbing up on his naked thigh, reminding me of the velvet rut of wild deer, rubbing their antler against the bark.”

“My insides are mourning with a hollow hurt, I’m growing hungry for the feel of a smooth bone, a deep stroke, hard and hot, my mind is flooding out between my thighs, a confusion of desires.”

“I’m softening, even inside my bones, I’m melting with intimacy, becoming one with the water, I am Piscean.”

“I’m yielding to the tide inside me, reaching my hand down between his thighs and finding him, hard and hot, his cock, held in my loose grip, a blacksmith’s iron, aching to be hammered and forged against the anvil of my body…”

“I’m twisting my body within his embrace, breaking our kiss, catching the last of the sun as she dips beneath the tide.”

“She’s so beautiful, I’m watching her ignite the sky with her last solar sacrifice, a burst of crimson colors, a bruising of purples, singeing the gold and silver edges of far-away clouds.”

“I feel light headed with romance and emotion. I’m making my way inward, to ground myself on the land. I’m drawn toward the open fire, the pit he’s dug and left burning high up on the beach.”

“I know his eyes are on my shoulders, he’s watching the turquoise and topaz hues of the water sparkle against the olive bronze brown of my sun soaked skin.”

“He’s mesmerized by my outline and the jeweled droplets of sea he sees beading and streaming from the brunette sheen of my hair, causing silvery rivulets to cascade down my spine.”

“The dusk air feels so good against my bare breasts and skin. My half-peeled swimsuit feels good and tight around my buttocks, and waist.”

“The flesh of my thighs is goose bumping with arousal now the warm water has to give way to the cooler air of early evening. I’m glancing down, my lower legs obscured by the surface of the sea, but I’m catching intimate glimpses of the foaming tide as she bubbles around my knees, with her waves fizzing over the sands, I’m ankle deep in the shallows, I’m pausing.”

Where is he?” your therapist inquires, with a tone intended to foster trust, and encourage you to continue.