“He’s grabbing me! There’s no shock, just relief, I’m sinking down onto my knees, the sand feels so soft as it spreads around me, I’m pushing my palms down into the water and taking in this magical moment of beauty, catching the last of the evening light shimmering on the rippling water, feeling the reach of the tide washing around my feet, calves, knees, hands and wrists…”

“His hands are open, firm, and pressing, gripping into the meat of my hips. He’s tugging roughly at my costume, pulling it down over my thighs, he wants me naked!”

“I’m gripping fists of soft sand with my hands, willing him to strip me, and helping him with a shift of my knees to slip the costume from underneath, and free me confidently.”

“The sea air feels so tender and gentle, soothing against the nakedness of my buttocks and my sex. My insides, my every muscle, seems spastic with pleasure and passion.”

“His hand is gripping my hip and with my eyes closed I can feel his familiar rub, his cock, held firm, and stirred against me, fuck, I want his cock, and only his, so good and hard.”

Fuck, I can see chords of our light woven inside these sensations, the feel of the soft wet sands, sticky against my skin, my palms gripping into the ground, my fingers clawing at the sand, raking at the beach beneath me.”

“The scent of the ocean, the freedom of the breeze, I can feel the ease of my sex splitting slowly open, her softness so ripe, her tightening inside, her soothing, soaking, binding him to me, the silk of my sex stretching over him.”

“The calm and loving sound of the sea at peace, the rough and smooth grist of the sand rubbing against my skin, the sight of the water, rippling in the half light, the silver of an early moon, the warmth still foaming between my knees.”

“He’s pushing his cock inside me, and giving me the time I need to adjust, he gets so big, and he’s been gone so long, and there’s nothing can touch the slow splitting of my sex, when I’m stretching to take him in, all the way in, all the way, until I can barely breathe, feeling his hips pressing up against me.”

“He’s pressing me, wanting to reach the very limit of my sheath, the rub of his cock-head compressing against the deepest edge of my insides, pushing me forward, I’m spreading my arms out into the shallows, my breasts are pressing down into the sand. And I’m alive with the drag of warm water, as the tide claims me, her sands abrading my naked skin, his cock stroking deep.”

“His hands are firm against my hips, he’s angling his pelvis to align with mine, he’s pushing his cock to the very depth of my love. And fuck, I want him to hammer his hardness home inside me.”

“And he does.”