I’m mute witness, and my hands can’t help themselves, reaching over to find you, feeling for the tenderness trapped inside.

Pushing your skirt up onto your waist, and revealing the sexiest thong I’ve ever seen, a fragile line of fine lace caught between the firm curve of your beautiful bare ass, that coquettishly cute and coveted string threading high over your hips.

My palms spread out, reading the pleasure pouring from your skin as I smooth my hands over your curving thighs. Running my open hands around the outside edges.

Remembering every detail, the firm fit of you in my hands, your body uniquely made to fill my grip, natures truth, resistant to time, the feeling of you yielding, filling me with confidence.

Your flesh, so firm, sheer and smooth. So sexy in my hands. I dare to slip my grip between your thighs, and I feel my sex hardening with the sensation of how suddenly soft and tender you are.

My fingers cup and curve, caressing the swelling cusp of your sex. You’re horny as hell, filled with arousal and muffling for more, giving in to primal urges and making tight mewling moans, calling for more of me, while mumbling out through your unbroken kiss.

I waste no time. Tugging off my boots, unhooking my socks, unbuckling my jeans, wriggling the denim down off my thighs, over my knees, and away over my ankles and bare feet.

The State Trooper grips your hair, pulling you onto his kiss while the leather in my seat creaks with my climbing up behind you.

I turn the volume, letting Lemmy cut loose, unleashing his outlaw growl, his gravel voice comes riding over you. And as I sense his rough, raw vocal turning you on, I grip my cock and rub the firm tip of my sex against yours.

My blunt fingers dig down into your skin, hooking around your thong, tugging against the resistance, my cock sprung, feeling so good and hard in my grip, nudging up against the smooth soft, sexy soaked split of your sugar sweet and tingling, tiny tight cunt.

I’m pulling your thong aside, nudging you, spreading you to open, your kiss breaking as the State Trooper looks deep into your eyes,

his hazel cornea sparkling like two cut crystal prisms, smoking hot, their edges singed with the scorching of charred coal, and just there, behind his eyes, you sense a coppice of burnt forest.

He’s absorbing the light that comes pouring out from your mouth and eyes, as my cock splits you open and strokes you deep inside.

Slowly he stands, unbuckling his uniform, and reaching his hand inside, he eases out the full length of his hardened cock.

My hips push, sinking the firm weight of my throbbing cock all the way inside you, until my hips press against your behind and my nudging edges you further through the open window.