I look again, I can make out the barely perceptible movement of a row boat, it’s shallow hull narrow enough for one, and long enough for two. And while the details are too far away to sketch or draw, inside my heart, I just know.

~ XXIV ~

I peer in through the Motel window, confronted with a cocktail of intense and irrational emotions, I’m wrestling with a fiery jealousy, my insides twisting, desperate for control, watching you making love with a man who looks every inch like me.

His every movement mimicking mine, and eliciting the wildest arousal and groans. Ones I’ve only ever heard escaping from you when you’ve been at your hungriest and horniest.

Your limbs coil around him, your kiss as deep and full against his mouth as his is against yours. The pair of you breathing in the other, a maelstrom opening inside the sea of you. A halo of golden light fueled from within, and cloaking you both.

Together you work to wrestle your shoulders free of their straps and the promise of your breasts overwhelms him. I watch him descend, exactly as I would move to do, his mouth closing around your nipple and suckling hard.

There’s heaven in your expression, exactly as I imagine it by the gasping sounds I hear catching in your throat, whenever I gorge myself on the deep well of love buried beneath your chest, my tongue digging in, bringing up a treasure trove of buried pleasures, digging down until your chest is unlocked and bursting with a bruising tenderness trapped between the meat and bone.

I peer in through the window, hating myself for how much I want you right now. The sight of you yielding to the attention of my mouth. Knowing my giving myself to your breast is taking me away from your kiss.

FOMO. A fear of missing out. I project pure fantasy through the peephole I’ve found between your Motel room curtains.

Imagining the bathroom door opening again. Seeing myself emerge from the steaming room, my towel tied around my waist. My long hair half dried and hanging loose around my broad shoulders.

Making my way across the room, the energy in our eyes pulling us together, your arm cradling my head at your breast as I curl down onto the bed and begin to kiss your open mouth. Our tongues sliding together as my other tongue also beats and bites against your nipple.

A moment of inner peace, broken by an urge, the magnetism of your neglected breast calling for my attention and pulling my mouth from your lips now descending down to your chest. Two men, two mouths, feeding in a fantasy of their unison.

And still I want more of you. The pain stabs inside me, knowing your kiss waits on your lips, unclaimed and yet so wanted.

Our eyes again connecting, as the bathroom door opens, and my clean showered torso commands your attention.