I watch myself climbing carefully up onto the bed, taking care not to disturb my two other men, devoted to your breasts.

Again our eyes ignite with the light of Ashdown, a Corinthian flame we fan whenever chance allows, a burning scandal of passion and lust, stars aligning over the secret of our rendezvous.

Our lips fuse to form a kiss, our tongues turning and twisting, a slow tantric dance, a tango of passion opening inside our mouths.

Three men seduce you. And from the window I watch, a mixture of jealous fury and devious delight. Moved by the sight of your seduction, and seeing the tide of your arousal rising, pulling your hips up from the bed, thrusting your sex to the heavens.

Your thighs spreading high and wide, my hands firm, edging their attention up the inside, coming closer and closer to the center, pushing the lace hem of your chemise up over your hips, until my fingers brush against the very edge of your sex, the innocent flesh where the impossible reach of your thighs finally ends.

The hidden forces of your inner magnetism pull one of the men from your breast. He climbs down between your thighs and wastes no time pushing his full French kiss deep against the seemingly tear-soaked and sodden swell of your aching hot cunt.

Your neglected breast aches for attention and the call is heard by the man at your mouth, who slips down to feed on your chest.

My mouth at each breast, my mouth muzzled between your thighs. I peer in through the Motel window and beg the bathroom door to open.

I see your head turning in that direction, your eyes begging for more of me to come forward and make claim to you.

But there nothing. And despite my will, I sense a growing fear, a creeping doubt, have I now reached the limit of my imagination?

I watch you giving pleasure to the three of me and curse myself inside knowing your mouth holds a kiss that I beg to claim.

Slowly I watch your head turning, your attention drawn away from the empty bathroom at the back of the room, and now you’re your focus comes edging forward toward the front.

Can you sense my watching? Oh my god, I think you can.

I peer through the window, your eyes fixed with mine, I can’t hear your words, but I read them on your lips as you slowly mouth them to me: “come here and kiss me, honey.”

I turn for the door, my right hand grips around the knob and twists, the Motel door swings open. The heat and scent of our sex seducing me in a heartbeat. My jealousy left outside as I close the door and step forward.

You’re gasping with pleasure, watching me pulling my shirt off. Two of me tending to your breasts and one to your sex. And now here I am, stripped to the waist and unbuckling my jeans.