Kicking off my boots. Pushing my jeans down over my thighs. My commando cock, sprung hard and heavy, well hung and naked.

I’m careful to climb up onto the bed and find you. Our eyes filled with honesty and indelible with the inner light of our promise.

Your hands cradle the two men’s heads at your breast, their thick hair held in your grip, as my kiss comes to be with you again.

Our lips and tongues combine, and the intoxication of my senses is complete, I’m swimming through air, tied to you, I’m both an anchor and a kite, grounded to the seabed and wild on the wind.

My cock aches to be inside you again. And the taste of you floods my mouth as I type. From between your thighs I rise, my chin, mouth and cheeks slathered with the wet silk of your sex. I grip my urges in my hand, I’m bone hard and hungry.

I press my promise to the cusp of your cunt and listen to your mewling moans as I stir my sex against the mound of your mons.

Your kiss fumbles against my mouth, both our breathing overcome with a panic of need and wanton desperation, your body flexing rigid, sensing the throb and bone hardened girth of my cock as I dare to push you open.

All my energy comes mixing in with yours whenever you summon my memory between your sheets. And this fantasy can never leave you, and yet you are exhausted.

For the four of me, the Spade, the Diamond, the Club and the Heart, will not rest. And you know it. You feel the heat and the rub of my promise, deep inside you, when I cum hard.

And as I slip my spent cock from between your thighs, I reach for a clean towel, and pressing the clean cloth against your sex I let gravity gift me some of the hot spunk held inside you.

I break my kiss from your lips, and looking deep into your eyes, I find them wide open and saline wet with the threat of a tender teardrop as I speak my words: “I want you fox.”

And without a moment of further pause I climb down from between your thighs and slip from the bed, and as I make way, one of the two men at your breast now breaks his kiss, and with his hard and heavy cock held loose in his hand, he climbs between your thighs and once more you feel me pushing myself all the way inside you.

Slow and deep, the circle of my climax continues. The man at your kiss obeys the call of your bare and now neglected breast and he slips down to where the man between your thighs had only moments ago dutifully lay. I watch you give yourself to the three of me as I move around the bed, your eyes constantly connected with mine.