“I want my kiss fox” I tell you softly, but you cannot answer with words, as my cock strokes deep and full inside you and demands you groan with the pleasure, both your breasts stretching inside my mouth, nipples held hard and twisting against each tongue.

Kneeling up beside you, I let go of my jealousy, and taking your daisy chained wrist in my hand I turn your palm up and place the black ears of a small toy in your palm.

“I’ve come once fox, and I can see you’re close.” I’m whispering as I watch you slip your hand between your thighs and press those ears against your tiny clit, feeling the long deep stroke of my cock riding in and out.

“Can you see how spunky my cock is?” I’m asking you to look to where my hand now holds the softened meat of my manhood.

“I want you to feel my hot spunky soft cock in your mouth fox, I want you to suck me until I’m big and hard for you again”

And without a moment of doubt I slip my cock into your soft open mouth and feel my manhood hardening with every lick of your tongue, listening to your muffled cries as your clitoris shatters and inside you ignite with a tight bursting climax.

~ XXV ~

“Where are you?” your therapist gently asks.

“On the Northeast tower” you answer, the sound in your voice fading, and your therapist knows you’re slipping out of his reach, and falling deeper inside my dream.

“You’re wearing the locket” I ask, without looking, my gaze still held to the North and the indelible and undeniable imagery of a younger pair romantically rowing on the canal.

“Of course” you answer.

“And you’ve read the words I’ve written there?” I wonder, slowly turning to face you, my eyes searching yours for the truth.

“No” you lie.

My smile is broad and warm, and forgiving. And for a moment there’s nothing, no sound, no breeze, the space between us is motionless, timeless, suspended.

“Do you remember when the light in our eyes first met?” I continue.

“Of course!” you exclaim, slightly hurt I might ever ask.

“Good.” I sooth, gently nodding, my eyes filled with kindness.

“You know the spell will break if you open the locket and read the words” I remind you gently.

“But supposing I’d looked before you told me, how would that be fair – and anyway you know I can’t stand knowing there’s something I don’t know!” You burst, with indignation.

“God, I love how feisty you get, especially when you can’t win.

It’s the bastard in me.” I gently try to humor you.

“What’s the safe word fox?” I continue.

“Ashdown” you muse. Wondering why I’ve brought you to such a beautiful place.

“Good. Now, come here, I want my kiss.”

And with a huff you let go, our eyes closing as you melt into my arms, the breeze in the treetops whispering again.