You’re growing deeper and deeper relaxed. Becoming more and more aware of a deep peaceful feeling inside, a feeling of calmness and contentment, of safety and security as you really enjoy this relaxing journey.

Candles lit, waters warm. Luxurious scents and bath oils sooth your skin. And now every muscle in your chest and stomach is loose and relaxed and free of any tightness, and the muscles in your back are relaxing too, one by one, all the way down your spine, feel the muscles totally relax one after another, letting go of any last traces of tension.

Close your eyes. Feel my touch, locked inside your fingertips. Draw my memory over your body, feel my strength and sensitivity, remember the tenderness of my touch, my palms pressing, washing over your thighs, stroking you, wanting you.

Feel me inside you. And as you drift down, you’re lifting, floating, growing deeper and deeper relaxed. This wave of relaxation spreads all the way down through your body, into your legs, into your thigh muscles and your calves, down to your feet.

Deeply relaxed. And this feeling of deep relaxation engulfs your whole body, from your head to your toes. And…

As the outside world fades away, the only sound that matters now is the relaxing sound of my voice, that will continue to guide you deeper and deeper, as deeply relaxed as you choose to go.

And I want you to imagine that with every word you are floating down to deeper and deeper levels of mental and physical relaxation, almost like you are weightless.

And just gently floating down through a dream like inner world that leads to the innocence of beauty held deep inside you. Just allow yourself to relax and let go and enjoy the journey.

Resting on our beach, those same soft sands, where in a dream we made love. Enjoying the sunset, undisturbed. The sun, a fiery orb, disappearing, gradually receding into the waters below.

Her sky, a bruise of pastel shades, a blend of purple reds, burnt oranges and amber gold yellows. The rippling waters mirroring these burning, bruising, bleeding colours. The waves, tinted vermilion, with underlying streaks of cobalt and mercury.

The softened silica sands beneath your feet seem the same color, you imagine the feeling of a firewalker, daring, feisty and bold. The light contrasting between the darker, deeper waters and the luminous sky, making the horizon appear before you like a meeting of two worlds: the known and the unknown.

In your mirror, your image reflected, breathtakingly beautiful, I see you from the other side, I’m speechless as you stand before me, slowly lifting the hem of your dress, revealing more, my eyes climbing over your thigh, to the dark green of your lace knickers.

Nothing disturbs you as you gently rest down on the sand. All you can hear is the soothing sound of the waves as they ripple over the smooth sandbar of the shoreline.

The warm sea wind whispers in your ears, as if confessing to you her deepest, darkest secrets. The breeze plays in the waves of your rich brunette hair, the last of the evening sun setting on your skin, the scenery so pure and cleansing.

The clean scent of the sea so comforting, warm and salty. You breathe in the fragrance, chaste and unpolluted, such serenity, a welcome change from the noise and burnt carbon fuels that envelope the city.

I want you to lay back into these soft sands, and close your eyes, feel the sunlight, she’s growing brighter. The warmth of her energy growing stronger, her vitamins radiating into you.

The scent of the sea is fading, giving way to a summer meadow. Spread your hands, feel the soft sands slip away, you’re laying peacefully on a blanket of wild daisies and soft grasses.

The summer breeze is warm and mellow. You remember the canal beyond the sand bank. Our little row boat moored beneath a weeping willow.

Black and white cows mind their own on the fringes of the flood plain. Beyond the meadow, an ancient woodland offers her mysteries and calls to you to explore.

Remember my kisses, tender at your breast, your light white cotton lace blouse, unlaced and open. The warm sun soaking into the tissue of your bare breasts.

Your freckles, a poetry of fallen leaves, my kisses raking them, blessing them, my imagination building a bonfire on your chest, listening to your sighs. Shall we wander deeper into our wood?