My fingers crook to claw the thin strap from your shoulder. My eyes bright with delight. My lips licking with the temptation of your bare breast.

The heat of my mouth presses to your breast, my tongue flicks your nipple. I suck your firm flesh into my mouth and pull on your breast with my kiss.

You groan loud. Your hands come to cradle my head. The thick thatch of my hair in your fingers. Your hold my child to your breast and feed me. A deep well of love inside you, that cannot be drained. I drink you in.

My senses electrify. Your nipple feels so good between my teeth. Turning me on, I feel a chord of your inner light threading down inside my throat and tying a simple knot to my heart.

My hand spreads over your outer thigh, rubbing the silk between us. Your flesh feels so good. I’m reaching down, your legs rising, helping me find the hem. I’m drawing the silk of your gown up over your legs. My palm pushing over the outside of your thigh.

Your hips come arching up off the bed. Wanting me inside you.
I run my hand inside your thigh, feeling you open. Knowing you’re soaking, long before I’ve touched you.

The taste of our kiss floods my mouth. The scent of your sex has found me, the sensual subtle scent of your womanhood telling me, imploring me, begging me, to return between your thighs and press my long kiss inside you.

You turn to see us reflected in your mirror. And your eyes delight with a scrapbook of possibilities as my kiss breaks from your bruised breast and my body coils down the bed, my head and shoulders pressing up between your thighs.

Your hips ride up high of the bed, my hands help to hold you, my mouth and tongue moving, slurping, sucking, nibbling, tugging, eating the soft flesh of your fresh and gorgeous fruit.

With one hand, your fingers fist to grip my hair, guiding me, grinding your sex against me, growling, gasping, growing horny.

Your other hand grips into the fox fur, your mind a corruption with savoring the intimacy of my oral attention but wrestling with wanting to feel the hardness of my cock moving inside you.

Your senses arouse, sensual, simmering, riding up to boiling over but unable to reach the point. You’re mewling with needing more. Pleasured yet frustrated. Yearning the thrum of your rabbit’s ears and the fullness of my cock inside you.

Enough. You push me onto my back, mounting me, with your back to me, gathering your gown on your hips, you grip my cock and press my head to the soft slit of your sex, stirring me against you, soaking me as you slowly press your caress around me.

You look down, and into the mirror to watch my thick juicy cock slowly inching inside, as you lower your way down onto me, feeling me fill you from underneath. You’re rolling your hips, gently rocking to and fro; my big thick cock slowly filling you, hardening against your silky softness, I’m moving inside you.

You press your softly humming toy to your clit, squeezing your bruised breast in your free hand, feeling the heat of my love bite, the fire brand of my long hard kiss still burning inside your breast.

And there, you’re coming and coming and coming, with the throb of my cock so deep and full inside your gorgeous, tiny, tight cunt.

Looking in your mirror, arching up, wanting me to come inside you. My cock reflected, hard and hungry and wet with you.

You’re watching my cock slowly open you, slowly pushing inside you, until my hips press and rub against you. My cock growing so hard now. Growing harder with each long, slow stroke.

You climb onto all fours and I follow you. I’m reaching to grip your mane, pulling hard on your hair. Pulling you onto more and more of my cock. My hips thrusting harder into you. My cockhead rubbing the very limits of your cunt.

You’re arching upwards, my hands lifting your gown over your head and shoulders. Wanting you naked. I grip your mane. I grip your breast. I tug hard at your nipple, stretching your breast. My hips thrusting, my cock riding inside you. You’re mine.

You’re screaming, raw and loud, pure pleasures folding with pain. My cock so hard, massive, I’m full of cum, full of wanting you.

In your mirror, you watch my musculature contort. My climax coming, your sex gripping me, binding me inside you. Your inner light now tied to the very base of my spine.

Inside I shatter, shards of ice firing through me. My cock pumping thick threads of creamy hot spunk deep inside you. My energy claiming you, binding you to my bones, and mine to yours. This knot cannot be untied. Cannot be undone.

You lay exhausted on your fur. My warm creamy cum rests deep inside you. I press a clean t-shirt between your thighs and feel you grip the soft cotton to you. Inside, my cum slickly slides, slowly drawn by its own greedy weight and gravity, my creamy mischief intermixed with ejaculations of your own rich climaxes.