I pick up the 5 cards and carefully place them on your back. I uncap the green felt pen and begin to write around them.

I’m etching a poem for the love of you. A verse of wanting you. A romance written on your skin. My ink sinking in. I draw my pen over your skin, carefully writing my verse:

Months of gentle loving made
As on our Forest paths we played

Woods awake with wild flowers
In a moonlit dream’s sweet hours

With a hope that had no fear
Treading trails of woodland deer

A kiss for you, a sigh at last
Like Alice through the looking glass

What a lovely world we knew
When all was bathed in pearly dew

With fireflies lit and all aglow
In wistful times of long ago

When eyes were wet with saline tears
For all the lost and lonely years

With all the songs that lovers know
That you and I sang so long ago

When the wind was on the river
And starlight danced where shadows shiver

T’was then I held you close to me
And knew that ours would always be

For you took away the hours of sorrow
Made love with me each Sunday morrow

Brought me hope and stars above
Reached inside and found my love

Our summer spent beneath those trees
Your grace and beauty never leaves

Breakfast served with a garden flower
I remember every precious hour

Your hand in mine I saw only green
Through you alone I lived this dream

The love we made I forever cherish
All we shared will never perish

I held your hand and felt my worth
Grounded tenderly to the earth

A Tudor king, his hunting ground at dawn
Deer stalked now, with nostalgia I mourn

Corinthian caress, my mind is blown
To the seeds of love we had sown

I see the forest in your eyes
The sloping landscape in your thighs

On your lips I taste our summer spent
And on your skin, our forest scent

Is the taste of honey worse than none at all?
Those sweetest months from spring to fall

Our seeds grow in the forest of my heart
On Ashdown we are never far apart

– Xx –

Satisfied, I read the words aloud, slowly capping my pen, watching your body purr, reveling in the attention of my intimacy and touch, knowing full well your love is the inspiration for these tender and carefully chosen words.

Slowly I turn the 1st of the 5 cards…