Carefully I turn the second card face up, and a fantasy of strength forms inside you.

My hand slips inside your hair and grips to a fist. Your scalp burns with punishment. My strength pulls you, your spine arching, head tipping, throat open, breasts raking the air.

“Cum for me baby” I command you, my voice demanding, a patient but persistent instruction.

You reach for your toy and press her to your clit. Your sex so soft and wet with wanting.

My fist grips tighter and you cry out with pleasured pain as those rampant rabbit ears thrum against your sex and begin to draw your climax up from the deep well of your love.

With my free hand I reach beneath your chest. My finger and thumb conspire to roll your nipple. I feel you harden against the prints of my pads. I tighten my grip like a slow vice, and stretch your nipple from your chest.

You cry out louder as I test the limit of your breast’s reach. My fist at your scalp pulling you, my grip at your breast, slowly prizing you apart.

I tense, then relax, then tense again. My strength, ebbing and flowing, a tide on the coastline of your body, pulling and relaxing.

Your fingers press those rampant ears against your sodden sex, and I listen to your gasps, hearing your climax coming up through your breathing, she’s slowly inching her way up inside you, a lava trapped deep beneath the tectonic plates of your body.

My hands grip again, pulling you apart, your breast stretching, your spine arching, your throat open, head tilting, your finger pressing your sex, your mind remembering the Empress.

“God Fox, I want you, I want you to feel me inside you, I want you to feel how big and hard my cock is right now”

You feel the strength in my words. You want me inside you.

“I want you to suck my big cock baby, make me come too”

I let my grip slip from your breast and grip my cock. I’m so hard. You open your mouth and I rest my velvet head on your lips. My fist grips your mane and you gasp open, taking my cock inside.

I listen to your heavy breathing, your groans stuffed with my heavy cock, my pulse throbbing in your mouth, moving inside.

With my free hand I reach for your neglected breast and grip around your innocent nipple. You harden in my grip as my cock harden in your mouth.

I stretch your breast, my fist tight in your hair, prizing you open, you’re body begins to quake, the lava of your climax erupting from within, your musculature begins to jerk with tight epilepsy.

You grip my cock and tug, your mouth stroking me hard with raw friction, my musculature stiffens. The hot magma of my cum erupts through me, I judder, groaning and crying out. My strength, my grip intense at your breast, your scalp burning, my thick creamy sex flowing freely down your throat.

Exhausted, you silence those rampant ears as I slip my cock from your lips, and release your nipple from captivity.

My fist in your mane I draw you up and press my kiss to yours. Our tongues delight. Your cunt and cum still fresh on mine, my cock and cum still warm in yours.

Eyes close, we kiss, and my Herculean strength transfers to you.