Two cards turned: three remain.

Close your eyes for a moment and imagine yourself in a beautiful green meadow. Look around at the soft grass, the daisies and the buttercups, the array of brightly colored wildflowers, stretching across the meadow.

You become aware of the abundance of nature. You can really feel it. It’s yours. All yours.

Now, imagine yourself at the beach, the fine sand stretches out all around you and the blue ocean shimmers in front of you, enticing, soothing. Her soft waves, lapping at the shore.

Imagine, if you began counting the grains of sand, you would never finish. And if you began dipping a large bowl in the ocean, there would always be more.

This is the edge of the universe, filled with love. And this love is limitless. It never ends. It never leaves. Wherever you are. It is with you. For you are made of the same energy as the stars. Carbon and light.

Now, bring to mind something you want to manifest. It could be physical, it could be sensual, it could touch you, your skin, your lips, your fingertips.

Use all your senses in imagining the reality of it, the truth of it, really feel it as strongly as you can. Tender, confident, vulnerable and intense.

Stay with these images and feelings for a few minutes, then take some deep breaths and bring your awareness back to the room, back to your bed, where your resting.

With your eyes closed, become aware of your surroundings, stretch, then slowly open your eyes and look over to your mirror.


In your lacquered jewelry box, there is a black velvet tray. Beneath the tray there are five cards tied in a ribbon. A green pen. A small white box.

Inside there’s a silver necklace, with a slender, long, silver pendent. Engraved into the curved edge of the silver is written: “play with me fox”

Untie the ribbon. Lay the five cards, face down. Place your Petoskey stone on one of the cards. Now, light a scented candle. Lay the green pen on another.

Take the silver necklace and lay the pendant on a third card. Only two remain. So, turn one over. And know, whichever you choose will come to you in your dreams tonight.


Go gently, as you read this, take a deep breath and as you exhale, allow all the tension to leave your body. Let your scalp and your forehead and your jaw relax. Your head does not need to be tense in order for you to accept these words.

Let your tongue and your throat and your shoulders relax. You can hold your screen with relaxed arms and hands. Let the blue light find you and soothe you. Feel his words. Taste them in your mouth. Cherry, dark chocolate, salty caramel, spiced wine.

Listen to your body. His words are written beneath your skin. Run your fingers over your flesh, feel his words, they’re under your muscle, engraved in the calcium of your bones.

Behind your mirror, his eyes gaze and stare, loaded with desire, they crave you. His cornea, his iris, saline wet with want and need. Yearning, seeking, aching.