Listen to your heart. Can you feel her beat beneath your ribs? Do you feel her throb? Her pulse? Her flare? Do you feel her burn? She’s longing. Aching for intimacy, terrified of emotional withdrawal and abandonment.

There’s a slow intoxication, growing, overwhelming. Inside you, a stun, a staggering, a falling, a fluttering, a kiss. His kiss. Stealing you by the inch, coaxing you, encouraging you, daring, soothing, brushing, biting.

Now, breathe, exhale slowly, and let your back and your abdomen and your pelvis relax, let your breathing be at peace as you relax your legs and feet.

Is there a big change in your body since you began reading these words? Do you notice how much you hold on? And if you’re doing it with your body, then you’re doing it with your mind.

So, in this relaxed, comfortable position, say to yourself: I am willing to let go. I release all tension. I release all fear. I release all anger. I release all guilt. I release all sadness, I let go of old limitations. I let go and I am at peace. I am at peace within myself. I am peace with the universe of life. And I am safe.


Close your eyes and start to breathe deeply. Begin to relax. Remember you are safe and divinely guided. Take deep breaths, relax your shoulders and visualize the brightest star in the galaxy. It shines so brightly and brilliantly among all the other hundreds of thousands of millions of stars, and it is becoming brighter and brighter.

This moment is suspended in time, it is a moment of anticipation, of wonder, of infinite possibility. Suddenly the star, your star, shoots through the galaxy, gathering power and energy as it courses its way towards you!

Its powerful ray enters through the top of your head. You have never felt such power, such magnetism, such peace and serenity. You are at one with the very power that created you, and this power has given you the power of your own mind to use in any way you choose.

You are at one with the stars in the galaxy. We are made of stars. Carbon and light. The abundance of the universe is yours, feel yourself become a divine magnet for all the positive and prosperous energy you desire and deserve.

The power of this beautiful star travels down through your beautiful body until it passes out through your toes and you become one continuous stream of pure light connected to the earth and tethered to the galaxy of stars.

You are drawing the abundance of positive light and energy, the very essence of the universe, deeper and deeper inside you. You feel the peace as your dreams of health, wealth and endless loving relationships, surrounding you and filling you to full and overflowing.

Soak yourself in this reality for as long as you like, really experience these wonderful feelings, bring these feelings to you every time you say your positive affirmations: I am beautiful inside and out, I am eternal, my health, wealth and prosperity increases daily, my wildest dreams are now my reality!

Then, release your dreams with gratitude, out into the universe, to manifest for you on the earthly plane.