Mirrored eyes, wide and open, imploring, as silently you each beg for the other…

Grip his cock baby, take him all the way in, that’s it honey; all the way. Grind your soft sex down to the very root of his cock, feel his pubis rubbing you, bone to bone.

He’ll grip your nipples between his knuckles and stretch your breasts. And I confess to my loving listening to you, hissing and howling with untold pleasures. You’re so close now, so, why don’t you?

Tease your little shaft of silver, toy her against your tiny clit and let him hear you cum for him. He loves the sounds you make, the many pure and private pleasures catching in your throat, the gentle shuddering, the judder of your tender frame, climaxing on the hard echo of his cock.

Feel these words stiffen inside you, knowing there’s a treasure of hot hunky spunk hidden deep within him. He demands your submission. Your floor is hard. And he needs to fuck you harder!

On all fours, you face your mirror. Your elbows, wrists, palms and knees pressing down through the white shag of your bedroom rug, grinding the hardness, finding the stripped bare wooden floor half-hidden beneath.

You look beyond your reflection and find him. He’s behind you. Your eyes blaze with his, locked in the reflection of your mirror. The energy between you as bright as ever. You are carbon and light.

His firm hands grip to your hips. His cock strokes deep and hard inside your gorgeous little cum hungry cunt. Tiny O’s still shudder inside you, echoes from your clitoral climax.

Mirrored eyes, wide and open, imploring, you beg each other to come together. His cock so deep and hard inside your gorgeous frame. He reaches to grip your mane and fist your hair, his cock, his shaft, iron hard!

On the verge of hurting. A shattering chandelier of emotion explodes at the base of his spine. His cock pulsing, pushing to the depth of your pleasure and pressing to the very edge of your sex.

His spunk bursts, with hot creamy waves that cry out your name and leave his love seared at the very center of you. Atoms split, stardust. You are carbon and light. You are his Siren.


Two cards turned over; three remain.

Like you, they lay face down, peacefully resting, waiting for his fingers to feel for their edges and turn their corners. A slow turn, revealing their identity, unveiling their majesty and truth.

Your eyes are closing, your confidence growing strong, knowing we are safe to reveal our darkest desires, and reveal to each other our otherwise concealed and most intimate vulnerabilities.

These words rest; written, spoken, they’re sinking into your skin, enveloping you in a woodland of verses, holding you, soothing you. They trail out before you, an invisible thread of breadcrumbs leading you deeper and deeper into the forest of his mind and mine.

I’m watching you as you relax, your warm, naked body, stretching out over your faux fox fur throw. This poetry of possibilities handwritten, cascading over the contours of your frame. These words flowing like water, running free, down over your shoulders, ribs and spine.

Remembering the promise in his eyes, gliding gracefully over your curves, every wave of your body seems as familiar to him as our oceans must seem to our moon. Our inner magnetic energies reflected every night since the formation of our earth and our orbits: carbon and light.