My fingers forage, greedily conspiring to peel you open and let my murdering mouth feed on your flesh. They tug at the lacy gusset, feeling the sodden silk, nudging to expose you. Your labial lips so soft, peeling like petals, yielding to my touch.

Your thighs tighten to my ears, muffling the loud sounds of your turned-on mewling groans and cries as the memory of my touch strokes the soft edges of your sex.

Growing rabid, I tug your knickers to one side. You feel the heat of my breath as I pause before pressing my kissing lips and passionately begin planting my French kiss deep inside your gorgeous cunt.

My breathing ragged, gasping, the taste of you flooding me with arousal. Fuck I want you to cum, first in my mouth and then on my cock!

We’re wild with desire, but we know my tongue can’t unlock the climax locked inside your clit. No matter how hard we campaign and conspire to sack your citadel, the limits are such, just as with any victorious army, we need ammunition, weapons, hardware.

“Get my toy” you cry out, so close to coming hot and hard, and not wanting to lose our momentum.

I lift my shoulders from between your thighs. The slather of your sex smeared across my stubble. My lips, chin and nose soaked in your arousal. My eyes wild with the taste, the lotion of your sex soaking into my skin. A chemistry of unity binding your heart to my eyes, and to the light inside.

Scrambling to find you a toy and some lube, I taste you on my tongue and lips and wish I could just carry on eating you out. Finding a favourite of yours, a slender shafted little rabbit vibe, I return to find you’ve turned over and delighting my eyes with the gorgeous curve of your behind.

Your green dress lifted high on your waist, your knickers stretching over your rump and hips. Your thighs curving down to your knees, planted in the thick white of your rug, the heels of your sandal clad ankles looking so sexy.

I place the toy and lube in your hand. You efficiently and effortlessly uncap the lube and begin to sigh as you stroke your wet fingers against your succulent sex, delighting in the feel of my eyes on your body.

“God, you look so good baby” I soothe, my voice deep with confidence and conviction. I hear the purr of the motor and watch in awe as you reach back between your thighs to press your toy to your sex.

I curl my fingers inside the tight lace hem of your knickers and gently peel them down over your rump, revealing your tender flesh, the soft green and cream knickers rolling over the sweet supple meat of your flanks as I smooth my hands on your thighs and uncover more of your sex.

You press the toy to your sex and hear my gasp, my eyes brightening with your naughty surprise!