Between your cheeks rests the polished bronze relief of a naughty skull. In its mouth a tiny ring, hanging like a Victorian gothic door knocker of old.

With finger and thumb I pinch and lift the ring and listen to your mewling murmurs as I ease the skull, feeling for your resistance, the intimate grip of tiny tender muscles inside your anus, fluttering with sensitive sensations as you tighten your grip from within to defy me.

In harmony, your cunt clenches to the smooth slimline of the silicone shaft, intimately slipped inside, those rampant ears thrumming against the tiny hood of your clit, strumming their loving lullaby, playing the chords of a harp, stretching tender tendrils deep down inside you, eliciting a pure inner ecstasy.

My hands spread over your rump, exposing more of the skull, I’m stretching your rump, enjoying the youthful look and feel of your firm body. Listening to the groans of your masturbation, turning you on with the journey of my hands running their soothing strength over the outline of your body.

Intimately I peel those knickers down your thighs. My hands help to guide each of your knees, lifting them to allow these knickers to journey over your calves, before finally unhooking them carefully from your heels.

I climb up to my feet, your knickers held in my hand and call out to you: “Hey baby”

You turn your head toward the sound of my voice and see me reflected in your bedroom mirror. Slowly I unbuckle my belt and unbutton my jeans. You watch as I push them down over my thighs, my cock springing free, so full and hard.

I watch your eyes delight as I press your knickers to my face and inhale your scent. You see my eyes ignite as I breath you in, before lowering your knickers and gripping them to my cock. I watch your body judder with arousal, seeing me stroke my cock, rock hard, held in the loose grip of your knickers.

“You want this, don’t you?” I tease. Slowly stroking my cock with a deep confidence.

I watch as you close your eyes, my image burned into your retina, I watch as you journey deeper inside feeding your clit with intense vibrations. Willing your sex to yield and cum.

Naked, I kneel back down between your thighs, your knees spreading wider, I listen to your moans as I tap the velvet smooth of my cock-head against the meat of your rump. Teasing you with my hardness and my hunger. Pressing myself behind you.

~ V ~

The doorbell chimes. Shattering your moment. Your thighs thrusting up from the rug, the tingling of your toy, pressed firm into the soaked groove of your sex, bringing you dangerously close to coming.

Flustered, you silence your toy. Scramble to your feet. Straightening your gorgeous green dress. Double checking your reflection in the baroque full length mirror. Your complexion flushed, but otherwise your secret fantasy is safe.