His breathing is labored as he bends over my upturned ass and tenderly presses his lips to the burning skin.

The heat of his mouth intensifies the sting, but the same hand that has so very carefully beaten me, returns between my legs to revel and delight me in a strange quirk of nature that very few will ever appreciate.

Knowing that those same emotions that have leaked from my eyes have also leaked from my sex. My cunt has wept her own tears, a cocktail of joy, relief and release. And so freely that the insides of each of my thighs are slick and simply soaking.

“You want my cock?” he murmurs into my rump, knowing full well I’m begging for him, and determined to make me say it.

His breath is hot and heavy against my seared flesh, he’s laden with arousal, his own self-control being tested to breaking.

He lifts his mouth away from my flesh, but only so far as to pull my sodden silk panties down over my legs.

My sex quivers with being free. I take a staggered lungful of air and nod. But that won’t be enough. Not for him.

He eases back, just enough to unbuckle himself. And that’s all he ever has to do because he never bothers with underwear. Then he’s back between my legs, sliding his thick, pulsing cock along the moist skin of my inner thighs. And god he feels so good there.

“That’s good, because my big hard cock wants your tiny soft cunt”

I’m making muffled noises, rocking back against him, but I know he wants to hear the words. He wants my dirty words.

“Or should I just take me big hard cock and fuck you good and hard and dirty in your sweet little ass?”

This is the question he always asks me, and always while guiding his length toward the lips of my pussy. Careful not to touch them, not with his cock, not yet. Then he traces the smooth hard tip his manhood up the insides of my cheeks, as if considering my ass.

I know if he wants my ass he’ll take it, but perhaps he knows just how tight I would be, how hard he’d have to abuse me to squeeze that huge hard cock of his inside my tiny backdoor.

His shaft inside my anus would doubtless abuse me beyond wild. The sheer dirty wrongness of having him push that massive cock all the way inside my tiny back passage.

My god he’d likely near split me in two, like my woodsman, I’d probably love it if he did, but my god wouldn’t it hurt? Come on then, my mind begs, get on with it, take me. And my mind flashes crimson, go on and stick that big cock deep inside me.

“Well, do you want my cock?” He teases, and I snap:

“Fuck, yes baby, please, I want your big, hard, cock, inside me NOW!”