Slowly, he guides himself toward my sex. His magnificent cock begins sliding between my lips, splitting me open just a little, riding in the cleft of my cunt, grooving into me, but not yet pushing inside, and I groan as I open, but he wants more.

“Please baby, please, I want your cock, I want your cock!”

“Ahhh” we groan together beautifully as he slides inside my slick wet cunt, and another tear wets my eyes, loaded with pleasure and relief, it’s been so long. It feels so good.

And perhaps it’s the softness of my aching and the smooth sliding sensations of my sex that he knows so well and can’t resist. And so he gives in to me, easing his length inside me and with surprising gentleness he slowly sinks his shaft deep inside the gorgeously tight fitting glove of my aching little cunt.

And for all the good times I have let him take me, yet still his penetration has my cunt stretched to aching. My arousal is wound tight with his earlier roughness and intensity, and it takes my muscles a while to accommodate him. But god his cock feels so fucking good as he pushes me open and strokes deep inside.

Instead of holding my hips, he reaches beneath me with both his hands gripping the tops of my thighs in a way that forces my pelvis to spread.

My inner architecture begins changing, as he begins to drive me wild with his long slow thrust, the head of his cock pushing me open and rubbing hard against the very end of my passage.

There’s a little pain, but it’s too good to stop, and I don’t want it to stop, he’s even deeper inside me now, descending into primitive patterns, we’re giving birth to guttural strangled noises that rise up from within us both and escape from our throats even though his thick long thrust leaves us both breathless.

My mind is solely focused on the way his cock throbs and swells inside me, the way his fingers dig into my thighs, the way his hot skin presses against mine, still smarting from the spanking.

And when we’re empty of all thought, when he’s fucked the last existential, angst-ridden worry from my soul, my body takes over.

I’m now covered in the tattoo of his Ivy, and I feel him growing and taking root inside me.

Chemicals stream from synapse to synapse and trigger a storm of tantric pleasures. My muscles obey, contracting like anemones under a warm Indian ocean current.

His hands spreading my cheeks wider, prizing me open, as if he’s peeling me apart, pushing me ever wider as he slides all the way inside me, to the very hilt, his cock so rigid as it rubs the very length and limit of my tiny tight channel.

There’s raw power trapped inside his slow stroke, his shaft has swollen to fill me perfectly, his self-control weakens me, if he were to thrust he’d bruise my insides…