You’ve run away for the weekend. To be with your lover. Hidden in the luxury of Hotel Corinthia, with its subterranean thermal floors, the decadence of an exclusive suite and private Spa.

You enter a high ceiling, oval room, soundproofed and softly lit. “These are our pods” the masseuse soothes.  “Please, take a moment to undress, lay face down, between the towels, and I will return momentarily.”

She steps out of the circular space. You slip the robe from your delicate shoulders and slide in under the warm, soft towels, that lay draped over the massage table. Immediately your body relaxes, wrapped within their soothing, comfort.

Gently lowering your head to face down into the cushioned ring that overhangs the end of the heated table, you slowly begin to become as one with your breathing, and closing your eyes your senses attune to the delicate sounds of free-flowing water, a babbling brook, mingling with woodland birdsong.

Eyes closed, your hypersensitive hearing catches gentle footsteps approaching, and the already familiar voice soothes and reassures you, your masseuse has returned, asking “is everything as you wish?”

And as her skilled hands ease warm oils into your soft and supple skin, you drift down, uncovering deeper and deeper levels of relaxation, opening a world of emotion and fantasy that lives within you…

You’re returning to your suite, mellow in mind and body, enjoying the afterglow of full body massage treatments, lost in the black marble caverns of this underground thermal Spa.

Relaxing in your private bath, with the little TV and some simple scented candles he’s brought for you. Where lush electronic lounge music plays softly in the background; his phone hardwired to the rooms’ stereo, delivering a lush mix of ambient chill.

And where, unbeknownst to one another, you and he both smile with hearing the soothing, Sunday morning sound of it all, recalling that wonderful summer stretched out naked in your forest hideaway, and how privately and intimately, this secret, stolen moment brings it all back to you.

Recalling earlier, when he’d opened the door to your suite, how you’d been the first to see a formal invitation slipped under the door, an exclusive and complimentary invitation for select hotel guests only. 

You’d both laughed and agreed, why not? You only live once, after all!  And besides, you already have a perfect little black dress packed, in reserve and just in case, and he had brought a beautiful bespoke dark blue silk suit, that he otherwise wouldn’t find chance to wear for you.

He organizes room service while you pamper yourself in luxury, and after a wonderful light dinner in your suite, he pops on some of your favorite going out tunes and you and he begin to dress up in your formal evening attire.

Looking and feeling fantastic you make your way down to where you’re told the private function is organized, and as you enter the reception you guiltily allow yourself to admit just how much you love this high-end scene:

The cocktails, the chic and couture clothing, the great looking men and the women, the fantastic furnishings, the music, the ambiance and the atmosphere, the energy and the excitement, and just knowing how, when you’re with him, you feel confident and free to move within these circles.