As always, you’re attracting more than a few longing looks from the men, and a few envious glances from the women, especially as you dance, confident, independent and free. 

And as much as ever your lover is in his own private heaven, watching you, surrounded now by some great looking women, who wish they were you, as well as some great looking men who wish they were him, all watching your fabulous long legs as they float over the dance floor.

And omigod! How intimately he knows every contour of those endless firm legs of yours, but okay, he’d also confess that for him his attraction begins with your eyes, true, they will always come first.

But none the less, from the moment he first saw you, and forever since, the grace and majesty of your body, your form, and your unapologetic beauty have constantly occupied his waking and sleeping thoughts.

Oh, and then there’s your oh-so-cute behind; so tight, the small of you back curving in then out, with an artist’s fine line, gliding up above those sexy legs of yours, following the cello trim of your outline, curving deliciously towards your narrow waist.

It’s hard enough for him not to stare when you stand still, but Christ almighty, when you walk, you are poetry in motion, and when you dance it is impossible! Possessed of a mouth-watering wiggle that only goes to demonstrate how firm-toned and hard-bodied you really are.

Seeing you now, dancing freely to a DJ’s groove, moving in and around several of the people you’ve only met tonight, and having such a great time. Oblivious to the approving stares of other men, or maybe you’re not, but either way, you just keep smiling with your infectious smile.

Humble pride fills your lover’s head as he watches you move in such a sexy way, and well aware of the attention you garner. Possessed of a healthy jealousy, he reflects deeply, accepting all the times you’ve allowed him to have what so many other men desperately want. To be trusted with your beauty, so stunning to look at, always gorgeous, and absolutely sexy!

Wearing your smooth, short, black dress, and showing off your curves so beautifully, the Bodycon cut hugging you so tightly, he’s wondering could anything fit you so well? The line around your shoulders effortlessly accenting your beauty, your classical long and slender neck, with a scoop to draw all eyes down to the fabulous firm youth of your breasts.

On an exclusive night out such as this, your smooth legs are clean waxed, sheathed within their customary ‘hold-up’ stockings and looking as amazing as ever, reaching all the way down to your killer black Geiger-Gothic heels, giving a hint to your hidden submissive confidence.

Your brunette hair falls perfectly, in silky, layered waves, moving with confidence and style as you flaunt your every move. And because this is a special event you’ve thoughtfully chosen to flatter him, wearing a gift he chose for you, a very sophisticated and chic friendship bracelet, a black braided chord tied loose around your slender wrist.