There’s something else about you tonight, how incredibly seductive you look! And yes, any night you’re scintillating company, but tonight you’re one hell of a mover, your confidence and spirit soaring, your independence, empowered and free.

And your sex appeal, seemingly contagious, drawing all the attention from the men dancing around you, pure magnetism, you’re on fire!

Perhaps not everyone’s enjoying you being here, however. At one point your lover sees you dancing with a huge, good looking guy; you’re just messing around and dancing close, and suddenly his supposed girlfriend appears out of nowhere and exchanges words with you. The guy smiles at you nonetheless as his girl makes it clear she thinks her guy is taken.

From across the floor where the dancing is happening you see your lover at the bar, and in a moment of almost frozen time and space you offer him a wink and a smile. Just like the first time your eyes ever met.

His smile, lighting the space between you, his eyes flashing with their own hazel heat, revealing a hunger and a look of deep approval, his loins stirring with wanting, his expression saying you’re smoking hot!

While at the bar, he’s looking after your cocktail, and occasionally he makes light, friendly conversation, with a few of the men who come and go, waiting while ordering their own drinks, taking in the view, and the details all around them.

He sees how their eyes follow you, ignoring the spare cocktail at his side, and as they wait on their order, more often than not they acknowledge their indiscretion with sincere flattery: “now that’s some woman!”

“For sure” he replies, smiling, knowing: “One very free spirit”

The organized evening draws to a close and for many the energy feels to be fading disappointingly early, a sure sign of having too much fun, and a small number of invited guests, you among them, have ushered themselves into one of the hotels more secluded and exclusive bars.

This rich, lush, speak-easy bar, is dark tobacco panels of mahogany and oak, dimly lit, with copper, bronze and amber light; with booths and private rooms seemingly everywhere.

Your eyes adjust to the low light, bright with curiosity, looking for clues, knowing this otherwise hidden bar has history and so many stories to tell.

You note the sumptuous, smooth-worn finish of the cracked leather, button-backed, furnishings, the heavy gilt gold frames, the oil paintings, and the company of ornate mirrors, the wear and tear on the old oak paneling.

Every booth and side room seems intimate and you can hear the soft, intimate hubbub of late night conversation, coming from the different groups of people mingling all around you.

As the evening moves on, you notice more couples drifting off to bed, while your energy seems unabated, still coming up, rising, intoxicated with curiosity, and so with an open mind you look to your lover and catch his eye, silently nodding, agreeing together, to explore one of the side rooms.

Taking the initiative, you push open one of the many heavy, dark oak doors, and there within you discover…