With pleasures squirming, you can only wriggle with intense wanting, feeling for the firm assurance of their solid hardness nudging into your skin from either side, and what luscious sensations, the hunger and the craving of these two men has you delirious!

It’s Aragorn who now crawls his way slowly down toward your soaking, aching cunt, as Robert purposefully lifts himself to his knees and begins to feast on your beautiful breasts, flicking your nipples with his tongue and nibbling at them with his teeth, squeezing and pumping them with his lips, then sucking them hard, with his hot mouth.

Aragorn has coiled himself into position, between your thighs, lying on his stomach, he now kisses your thick swollen outer lips, and a shiver shoots up through your spine, while Robert sucks at your breasts with his oh-so hard cock slip-slap-slapping against your side.

Occasionally, breathless with his kissing, Robert lifts his head to gaze into your eyes, his golden curls, darkened in the low light, fall around his rugged angelic face, this man-boy, innocent, before feeding at your breast, now floods your eyes with his wanting you, and offering you, his full attraction.

You try to focus on the message in his eyes, but for the love of him you’re so distracted by the weight of his willing cock, tip-tap-tapping at your side, and the warm air tingling as it cools on the wet saliva trails that he’s left glistening on your breasts, your skin bruised and stained with his hard kissing, his loving seared into your magnificent hardened nipples.

“You’re beautiful” he atones with velvet voice of melting dark chocolate, his tone underpinned with strength, confidence and deep desire. His words soothe deep into the skin as they wash over you, but your focus shatters as your mind splits in two, and Aragorn confidently begins to push his fingers into the fuck of you.

Spreading you, your engorged lips snagging snugly around his thickening knuckles, you gasp feeling your sex stretching open, you clit reaching for more his agile, hot tongue, as he licks at the opening to your love.

Aragorn’s tongue, his touch, circling, pushing, teasing upwards, stopping to make small circles around your tiny upright button, then sucking hard while his fingers never cease their stroking, dipping in, edging deeper, nudging, lips splitting, holding on to Robert’s eyes, but losing your poise.

You close your eyes, focusing within, finding the love, carnal and commanding, caught between your thighs, overwhelming you with luxuriant sensations, the sorcery and the magic, Aragorn performing, your sex weeping, getting so wet with every stroke of his expert tongue and fingers, while Robert speaks, at first whispering softly, appealing to your unyielding beauty, his voice deep with masculine tones, then breaking.

Jealousy grips his voice, hurt with seeing your pleasure distracted away from him, Robert grabs a handful of your hair and firmly grips, demanding you open your eyes, your overwhelmed mind tearing and splitting failing to refocus your love, hopelessly trying to give him your full attention, while Aragorn relentlessly sucks and finger-fucks his love into you from below.

Determined, Robert stares into your eyes and reaffirms: “You’re so beautiful” and you arch your back, pushing your shoulders down into the bed, raising your hips to grind against the ecstasy of Aragorn’s hot mouth, his tongue wild.

Desperate, you fight to keep your eyes open, accepting Robert’s beautiful face and features as he smiles with deep warmth and desire, his manful cock, primed with wanting, tap-tapping against your elevated thigh.

Robert smiles, his inner light pouring out through his eyes, Aragorn kissing you from within, as slowly Robert concedes, lowering his head in deference, obediently returning to feast his mouth upon the magnificence of your swollen risen chest.

Plunging his lust, dominant and brutal, murdering each sweet breast with relentless kissing, sucking and tonguing at the dark brown hardened stub of each engorged nipple, while Aragorn gorges from below.