The corner’s of Dante’s lips curl with covetous satisfaction, watching you and listening to you, as you release another deep groan, giving in to the dual sensation of two men’s mouths, overwhelming.

Aragorn’s kissing, reaching in between your thighs, his lips circling, sucking, tugging, tight around your tiny erection, his kiss puckering, his tongue rolling, flicking, pulling your clitoris between his lips, and where, with delicate skill, he sucks you into him, and all the while easing his fingers as they gently ride, in and out.

Surges of sensual rapture consume your body, erupting from your center; pulling from your core, your soul surfacing. Uncontrollably you feel your defenses unraveling, shaking as you come, buckling, juddering, with a speed and intensity that convulses through every muscle in your body.

You loosen a scream, and cry out, groaning loud, releasing the incredible pleasure into the room as these two men relentlessly mouth your body with total hunger and unbridled desire.

No man has ever eaten you out with such skill and precision, and never have two men worked as one to take you to another level. You’ve all but forgotten how this third man, Dante, has his eyes all over you.

Dante, watching and wanting you, as you writhe and groan, the satisfied smiles sitting high and wide on the lips of Minerva and Angelica as they command their puppet-men to dominate you further.

Sensing you’re overwhelmed Robert pulls away from your breast, and kneels upright beside you, and from where his manhood is now beautifully presented for you to behold. Aragorn, meanwhile, continues to kiss and caress, savoring the riches of your soaking cunt.

With your eyes open wide, and alive, you’re free to consider Robert’s stunning cock, such a heavy member, you survey the dense blue vein ridge pulsing on the topside of his thick shaft, his pulse throbbing, his phallus capped with the velvet silk of his smooth head, so swollen and dark. You sense the tightening in his balls, begging for your relief, begging for you.

Aragorn, his tongue tied with exhaustion, climbs his way back up your body and resumes his lusting, nursing your breasts with peppered kisses, inviting Robert to enjoy his new freedom.

Robert obliges, moving his way downward, exchanging places, nestling his broad shoulders in between your thighs and gently applying his desire, caressing and probing your perfect petals, his pleasure causing you to shudder with echoed sensations, squeezing and clenching from within, feeling the call of his caress, his love coaxing an ache that remains hidden deep inside you, now slowly awoken and wanting more.

And so now it is Aragorn who must learn to accept his jealousy and pause between planting tender kisses on your breasts, his mouth slick with the juice of your climax, hot and sticky as he kisses the swollen tenders of each breast, the chiseled chin and cheekbones of his stubble peppered jaw brushing each nipple, teasing and tantalizing.

He raises his head, his thick, long, raven-dark hair framing his flint-black eyes, his connection piercing you with his strength and commitment. This man would kill for you, and he’d do it well. Under his protection, only pleasure could ever hope to reach you.

His eyes reach into you, affirming their honesty, and you sense your own eyes filming with water as you stare back, wanting to convey how the legacy of his loving still feels so good between your thighs.

“You’re beautiful” he commands, echoing Robert’s earlier affirmation, and with an assertive and undeniable strength, Aragorn’s voice feels every bit as deep, yet there’s an edge, a crack, a dry rasp, his emotion controlled but breaking open, a vulnerability becoming visible, revealing the depth of his commitment to wanting and appreciating every aspect of you.

Your body shudders as Robert kneels, shifting his hips and centering himself between your thighs, his hand lightly gripping around his phallus, offering the head of his massive cock, pressing you open with a nudge, nudge, inviting you to accept him, but refusing to push his way in.