The movement of these two men seems interwoven, timed and intertwined with skill by Minerva and Angelica.

Aragorn bows his head deferentially, feasting upon your brazen nipple, his tongue plundering with passion then relaxing back to gentle kisses, before plundering again.

Robert, nestled between your thighs, nudges at the luxury of your labia with the tip of his cock, teasing your lips to open, while it seems the equally confident cock of Aragorn hangs free, occasionally pressing against your opposite side as he moves about you.

Dante looks on, evidently enjoying the pleasured sound of your moans and groans, the earthy, authentic sounds of your raw abandon, sounds that rise from deep inside you, as both men run their four hands over your thighs and body, gripping and squeezing, leaving nothing neglected.

Your body purrs with the feeding of its hunger, while impossibly your mind whirls, it has no programming for this level of desire, these two men hands-on and competing, starving for your total pleasure, while a third surveys your every sound and movement with equal desire.

You groan to the heavens willing the tight wet walls of your vagina to relax, inviting Roberts cock to press you open, and as he manfully eases his hips further forward, your insides pulse with waves of pleasure, emanating from your innermost muscles, a deep well of sexual energy radiating from within, as the length of his thick cock eases in, and in, and in.

Effortlessly, instinctively, pleasurably, you tighten and release within, riding each grinding push of his hips. His hands firm on your thighs, Aragorn working at your right breast, as Robert now comes forward and plunges his mouth down over your left.

The sparks of your inner circuitry run amok, Aragorn, sucking hungrily at your breast, his mouth so hot and seemingly famished, tonguing your nipple to distraction, while the magnificence of Roberts’ enormous cock slides in and out.

Aragorn’s member nudge-nudges at your side and you’re sure your lungs could explode if you gave in to the wild gasping and grasping you feel inside, as Aragorn slips a free hand down to feather your clit with his fingertips while Robert strokes his love further inside.

Responding to your passion cry, Robert reaches his hands around your waist, grabbing your hips, persuading you to push your pelvis up off the bed, the binding at your wrists and ankles holding tight, he’s hoisting you higher, such that his stroke is now impossibly deep, and thrusting deeper, until he’s filling you full with the full bore of his cock.

Aragorn moves away from the murder of your nipples, giving way to the driving of Robert’s cock, your breasts moving freely through the air.

Aragorns eyes melt over you with his wanting you, and you glimpse a peek through your half close eyes, catching a fragment of the fantasy of these two men, these lions, full-maned and feasting on you.

Arching your head back into the bed, your eyes closing, groaning to the heavens, loud and hard, feeling your intimacy slip toward the precipice of another deep orgasm. Your lungs, full to bursting, the pulse of you heart beating with the thrust of Robert’s cock, so good, and deep, and hard.

Another wave of muscle shuddering bliss comes running through you, engulfing your senses, tidal. Equally intense, but so much deeper that the first, you feel your body stiffen, locked rigid, then melting as the release of your orgasm echoes out through you.

Panting hard, you gasp for composure, Robert very gently lowering you back down to the bed, slowly withdrawing, before once more the minds of Angelica and Minerva go to work, directing these two Adonis-like men to coil their attention around you, focusing their eyes, their hands and their mouths, ignoring your surrender, and giving no quarter.