Teasing with their touch, their hot cocks serve to rub you, Robert, so good and hard, his vigor slick-soaked in the enzymes of your exquisite juice, while Aragorn seems cooler, drier, yet just as hungry, keen and eager.

Robert kneels before you inviting you to approve the sheer size of his offering up close, he hasn’t cum, but you can see he’s so close, his balls are impossibly tight and his cock throbs with wanting more of you.

The low, intimate light, glistens off the slick, fevered love-heat of your wet pussy juices, where the wet of your sex coats his cock, leaving a smearing, silky, sticky, cloak of passion, clinging to his manhood.

By way of offering an open invitation, you turn your head, your lips licking, willing to receive his cock into your mouth, and as you close your eyes in anticipation you pleasurably squirm from within as instead he leans down to place his mouth on your lips and passionately presses his full kiss to you.

Your tongues entwine, greedily and feverishly entering one another. And oh-my-god, you wish you could tug free of these bindings and grab hold his thick hair, but Dante’s hold over you remains, and you’re powerless to muster or command more than a weak struggle against these bindings.

Surrendering to your domination, you gasp inside Roberts mouth, and his kiss does not relent, as Aragorn works his way between your thighs, his warm cock now rubbing, rigid, like an iron bar pressing against your throbbing clit, your soaking juices smothering his rocking movements.

Robert pulls back from his kiss, licking his lips, and his eyes hold with yours, pouring their adoration into you: “You’re beautiful; you’re so incredibly hot, fox” he offers, confessional, desperate for you to believe his feelings for you, his words melting over you like dark cherry chocolate.

Your heart races, overwhelmed with intense pleasure, Aragorn’s hands now manfully lifting at your hips, brings you closer to him, and easing his incredible iron-hard cock further into the well of you.

Robert lowers himself to serve at your breasts, sucking the hard nub of your nipple into his mouth and flicking the bud in all directions with his tongue. 

You groan mournfully as Aragorn slowly withdraws from inside you, his eyes connecting with your, tantalizingly hovering his cock resting over the soft mouth of your labia.

Then plunging in, penetrating you deep, watching your eyes roll to a close, your body arching up off the bed, your wrists snagging at the bindings of your shredded dress.

Until his cock, hilted, deep inside you, he pauses, feeling your grip around him, before slowly easing himself away, watching how you soften, your body folding down into the bed, a moment to draw your breath before his hands grip around your hips and he drives his cock deep again.

Squirming beneath his grasp you submit to the pleasure, his pace increasing, loaded with a heavy lusting, Aragorn burrowing deeper inside you with each hungry thrust, growing harder… reaching deeper…

You clench, pushing yourself tighter against him, channels of pleasure seeming to open everywhere inside you. Robert’s mesmerizing mouth sucking and flicking each alternate nipple, taking his turn to slide his firm hand down over your flat stomach, his fingertips stretching out, teasing for the hood of your clit, as Aragorn rides his cock inside you.

Aragorn groans loud, grunting hard, his muscles burning in anticipation of his defeat and surrender, a wave of hot cum shudders through him, pushing his orgasm through you, pushing you over the edge, until your own shaking orgasm rushes up, fresh and raw, crashing over you again.

You moan loud, groaning with intense pleasure, erotic pulses, more powerful than ever before, with any remaining shred of resistance collapsing inside you, as his massive cock throbs and hardens, sending signals of your orgasm, a deeper love vibrating through your core and binding you to him.