Over Dante’s shoulder you see Minerva devious smile, her eyes ablaze with horny desire, licking her lips as Robert reaches forward to retrieve the heavy, ornate plug weight, before sinking back on his haunches, his hard-on cock still raging, hungry for you.

His hands spread around your behind, prizing you open, he crouches forward, pushing his tongue into the crevasse, rimming you, gripping you as you wriggle and squeal against the rude hunger of his invading tongue.

He smothers the brushed silver in the juice of your cunt, then presses the bulbous polished sculpture against the tongue smothered pucker of your behind.

Dante cautiously steps backwards, not wanting to disturb the balance of forces now in motion, retracing his steps, never letting his eyes off yours as he slowly coils back down into the deep sumptuous leather of the couch.

Every sinew inside your body softens and mellows, you’re groaning pure pleasure as you seductively sink your weight back against the firm resistance you find in Robert’s hand.

Feeling the weight entering your perfectly puckered private passage, your behind, yawning open, squeezing over the smooth silver surface, prizing you apart, widening like the unlocking jaws of a predator snake, consuming the cherished egg of her reptilian prey.

Satisfied you’re snug, Robert angles his hips, arching forward, placing the velvet tip of his cock against the opening of your tingling lips. He rubs his hardness, up and down, circling, teasing you all over again.

You growl, a gravel purr, low in your throat, deep and dirty desire melts from his eyes and pours over you. And fuck, you know it.

He rubs his thick cock-head against your swollen, soaking clit, and your growl turns to a moan, lost and found within the heaving heaven of his touch. You are so slick and wet for him.

And now with something more to squeeze and release against, finding joy in your neglected nerve-endings, their pleasures coming alive, jingling and jangling, their grip and release pulsing around the plug in your behind.

Without further warning, Robert grips your hips and plunges his cock. You gasp, appealing for forgiveness, for forgetting just how huge he is; how far and firm he fills you.

How perfect his form fits inside you, your body softening to his wanting you, his welcome intrusion, how you yield and stretch for him. Shuddering as his movement builds, even thrusts, full and firm, and you can feel yourself edging ever closer to that deep, dark, glorious precipice.

Closing your eyes, shutting out the light and the voyeur energy of Dante’s approving looks, running your tongue over your parched lips in your mouth dry with anticipation.

Robert, feeling the grip of your muscles contracting along the length of his cock. Unaware of how you clench and grip to hold on to the sensations held so deep within your ass, the firm, fuller feeling of being filled.

Wild with wanting, you throw your head back, Robert gripping harder at your mane, his free hand firm held against the meat of your hip, guiding your body over his magnificent cock, and he begs for you, loud: “Fuck, I want you, I’m going to come fox, fuck, I want you!”

He’s desperate with restraint, you groan louder, begging him to let go, and he’s growing harder with every short deep breath. Waves of pleasure crash over you, his cock pulsing, pushing you open, inch after glorious inch, until you’re filled to bursting, his fuck, rubbing hard, and so deep, to where your cherry remains unbroken, to where you’ve never felt any man find you.

He begs again: “You’re so sexy, fox, so god damn good on my cock” And he’s so close, you plead for him to let himself go.