Dante delights, hearing you moan louder, crying wild, watching you quiver with every deep stroke. Robert plundering from behind; intense spasms, magnified inside, as secret muscles grip and grasp, clutching the oh-so-smooth polished silver sculpture that’s filling you beyond full.

Aragorn comes around front of you, stands before the end of the bed, his naked behind partially obscuring Dante’s view, causing Dante to shift in his seat, leaning to the side to get a better, unrestricted, view.

Aragorn holds you with his eyes, reaches forward with his open hand, carefully cupping your cheek in his palm, while he massages the resurgence of his erection with the other.

Confidently he speaks to you: “You’re beautiful, fox, I want to come whenever I see you, whenever I think of you, whenever I dream of you, you’re so damn sexy and hot, fuck, I want you”

You watch Aragorn’s cock, hardening in his hand, and you close your eyes, focusing on your breathing, feeling Robert’s groaning stroke, his pleasure urging harder, deeper, faster, your bellowed lungs fit to burst as his fist clenches tighter, tugging against your scalp and gripping your mane.

His cock plunging, in and out, stroking full and deep, and as you reopen your eyes you see the manfully buff, taut, form of Aragorn, standing strong before you, his slick, wet, satisfied cock, now full and firm with wanting you, his tight-loose grip, slowly wanking.

And with tribal desire you watch his curling fingers close, as they slide purposefully up and down the length of his near perfect shaft, and he unashamedly excites himself with watching Robert take you.

Again you close your eyes to focus within, holding on to the vision of Aragorn working himself over you, the fantasy flooding your mind, as the pounding of Robert’s cock fills you to bursting.

Dante, Minerva and Angelica looking on, their voyeur eyes raking over your body, your skin blooming with lavish heat, laden with the attention of their desire, giving way to icy sparks that splinter through your spine, aroused with a deep tingling, tiny needles, a capillary of nerves, gripping your rear.

Robert senses your muscles contracting along the length of his cock, his grip strong, intertwined with the thick burnish of your brunette hair. Stretching yourself forward, you grip the bed sheet in your fist, while reaching back between your thighs to feather your fingertips against your clitoris.

Your head bowed downward, thighs shuddering as you bite into your lip, yet fail to stifle the guttural pleasure in your throat, the depth and force of your release outstanding. Robert refusing to ease, stretching your spine, as if to open you up for more of him, and you feel the blast, the shudder of his cascading orgasm overtaking you.

Groaning through gritted teeth Robert pushes himself furiously in and out of your tight, wet cunt. Your spasms coming more fiercely through the thawing clench and release of your powerful, youth filled, muscles.

Impossibly his erection stiffens, throbbing violently as he comes with such a force, throwing his head back, shoulders splayed, howling to the heavens, claiming sheer elation with the relief that’s breaking.

You’ve brought him to his complete undoing. The moment overwhelming the room, and Aragorn now joins you in your climax, his stomach and thighs clenching tight, as he too cries out: