Arching your back, angling your hips, you tug at Dante’s thick hair, his mane scrunched in each hand, gradually guiding yourself onto inch after inch of his magnificently sculpted golden phallus

Taking its length deep into you, groaning as the swollen, golden head strokes past the hither known reach of you, before finally coming to a complete rest, hilted at the kiss of Dante’s soft mouth, his probing tongue caressing you, kissing the swell of your sex.

Flexing your elevated pelvic muscles, you motion your hips, easing, gripping, then releasing your hold on his perfect gold shaft, sending shudders through your spine, while in parallel you pucker your grip on the silver-bronze sculpted-skull, the heavy metal plug held firm in your behind.

Feeling perfectly filled, the sensations overwhelming your senses, you groan louder, your confidence growing, the power and release of rude pleasure swelling within you.

Angelica and Minerva resume their careful tugging, gently sucking, each tending to your amazing nipples, while Dante’s tongue now flickers with the rapid speed and movement of a viper, targeting your clit and causing your own tiny erection to erupt with her own devious delight.

No longer restrained or encumbered by the reach of your hands gripping at the manhood of the men beside you, Aragorn and Robert have responded, flexing their pelvic muscles, vigorously contorting their abdominals, working their hips, to power and push their hungry cocks deeper inside.

You’re shuddering in sympathy and pleasure, feeling these two women exhale the heat of their groans over your breasts, their kissing lips tremoring with the passion, as these two stud men energetically thrust from underneath, the pace and purpose of these four forms building in unison to a crescendo of coming.

Your fantasy splits wide open, the bass sounds of both men stud-hard and groaning loud, claiming how beautiful you are, while their women moan against your breasts, breathing hard in pleasured. rising harmony.

Dante’s strong hands support your hips and thighs, his fevered tongue erratic and relentless, sending strong pulses of tender energy vibrating through your clit.

His solid gold phallus filling you to perfection, the silver plug resisting every squeeze of your clenching tight behind, as you push out with your hips, and pull hard on his thick head of hair, working every inch of you to a frenzy.

Deep at the base of your spine comes a shattering reaction, neutrons firing into closely packed atoms, a cosmos of heavy nuclei, uranium, plutonium.

Pleasured particles; carbon, oxygen, hydrogen, breaking apart, colliding and creating chain reactions.

Thermic terajoules of deep sensual friction, erotic energies detonating inside you with wave after wave of unbridled ecstasy.

Breathlessly, Angelica and Minerva break the grip of their mouths from your breasts, gasping their primitive and primal moans above the deep
climactic passion cries of Aragorn and Plant, each man heaving hard on either side of you, as you cum undone against Dante’s masquerade.

Weakened with spent energy your hands slip their grip from Dante’s hair as you lower your shuddering thighs to the bed. Exhausted, aftershocks shimmer through you as your fingertips stroke against the smooth, softening surface of the gold phallus, feeling its warm, perfect form, slipping free.

Your fantasy begins to fold in on itself, the warmth of so much attention begins to leave you, a cruel chill grips your feet and crawls over the length of your body, causing you to shiver, goose-bumping, aware of a soft, silky, soap water, surrounding you. 

With a sudden splash and a shudder you throw open your eyes. The white tiled walls of your bathroom weighed down with dark shadows, the candles have all burnt low, the bath water turned cold.

In your hand, the paper note, half ruined by the bathwater: “My fox, my craving doesn’t end, I need you…”