A soft lullaby of imagery intended to help you drift off to sleep, with the possibility of good dreams to come find you in the night…

It’s the end of a long day, it’s been a tough week travelling and working hard, putting everyone else first, and finally it’s your time, you pull back the clean soft covers and slide into your bed.

“Ah, bed…” you murmur, as the mattress and pillow yield so slightly to your slender weight. You’re so glad you laundered the sheets before you traveled north; you knew how welcome their clean scented and softened fibers would feel, cloaking and cherishing your freshly showered skin.

Consciously you slow your breathing, and as you breathe in you deeply fill your senses: the first tone to arrive is the base note of Prunol: a rich and dark, dried fruits & spices, mélange, famously exalted. You know it to be a secret ingredient, only found deep within the formula of Coco by Chanel, and one which gives Coco a burnished hint of raisin.

“Ahhh” you sigh, slowly exhaling, mellowing with every moment, slowly letting go and accepting how much you enjoy the sumptuous comfort of your bed. And as you slowly breathe in, a cascade of honeyed spices immediately asserts itself: pimento, cardamom, cinnamon, cumin and clove.

“Hmmmm” deeper you relax, stretching out beneath your blanket, feeling an amber plush and resinous warmth envelop you. With a wink of leather and a fabulous flora folded into a rich batter, the arousal almost indiscernible. A patchouli tucked secretly into the Prunol base, giving rise to a seductive whiff of darker blood-cherry chocolate, warm on the tongue, and lush on the lips.

Eyes closed, breathing slow and easy, your toes take on a motion of their own, gently pawing back and forth, delicately stroking the easy underside surface of the soft thick cotton. You feel totally safe and secure, confident and content. It’s been a long day. “Ahhh” What dreams might come?

Sliding toward sleep you feel a comforting, caressing heat, building on the surface of your skin. A Mediterranean sun drenches you, the warmth penetrating every layer of flesh and muscle to soothe your bones, cradling them with a tender nourishing kindness, releasing any ache or tension that ever clung to them, allowing them to stretch, subdued, supple and softened.

You feel your youth returning to the marrow within every hollow, along the length of your elegant delicate frame, the golden-red-amber rays of sunlight pushing ultraviolet through your supple bronze-olive-oiled skin, working incalculable magic into the calcium construct of your hidden strength and fragile beauty.

Lying flat, you draw a deep breath, slowly and deeply, expanding your chest upward so every rib can push itself open, stretching the cartilage between, feeling their youthful elasticity, as the heavenly sunlight pushes through, penetrating between each protective bone, onward, deeper, inward and warming the oxygen now filling your lungs, soothing the blood pumping glorious within your heart.

You breathe out, slowly and gently, your ribs gradually retracting and collapsing , the sun-shining, her warmth now held inside you, caressing your heart, finding passageways into your bloodstream, your corpuscles coming alive, energized; filled with passions for life, loving the light, and lighting the love that fills you.