The sunlight continues to drench your body with rejuvenating attention, tenderly caressing every fiber, sinew, and bone beneath your youthful skin, begging the blood that warms within you to feed and nourish you to full health and eternity. 

By the pull of the moon, the warm water must soon reach your hips and hands, another inch gained with every onward endless swelling of this idyllic tide.

You feel the sea push and penetrate the sands within your grasp, you feel their delight, as your grip on these arid, dry, sugary grains becomes supple and soft, malleable within your grasp, their consistency changing, yielding to the healing soaking of these azure salted waters.

These silica-dry grains ache to be wet, and the clear blue warm water, unrelenting, reaches further up the sand bar, the shallow waves stroking at the underside of your thighs.

The loose white cotton lace that covers you also separates the supple skin of the underside of your tender waistline from the soothing sensations of the softened sand. 

Reaching downward with your hands and arching your hips upward you easily gather the light loose material, slipping the silk up above your waist and guiding the sheer fabric around your midriff. 

Warm water pours in filling the indent from beneath your now raised hips and you delight as you ease back down feeling the sensual salt water circulate against the now naked small of your back, the soft sands caressing and blessing the tender flesh.

Stretching your legs, now fully extended, the water reaches up over your shins and knees, licking, lapping, and thirsting at your thighs, slowly bathing your every inch. 

And as each wave retreats you feel the sunlight melting on your golden bronze body, while scattering droplets of salt water warm under the heated haze and lovingly lick at your skin.

Aching for the breeze to bless you, your hands conspire and unconsciously partner to free you, pawing at your heaving chest looking to loosen the sheer lace concealing you. 

Your fingers tease the lace until the delicate fabric falls away and immediately you sense the sunlight intensified. The golden rays pour out heavily onto your exposed flesh, the welcome heat feeling like the healing hands of a masseuse upon you.

There’s a vulnerable tenderness to your breasts, reaching down into your abdomen, a freedom, feeling the soothing breeze and the cool of the occasional shadows cast by the linen drapes, flapping freely, all contrasting with the searing seduction of the sunlight that dominates you with every stolen opportunity.

The warm blue water climbs over you again, caressing and blessing your every surface, sharing you with the cool warm wind, then the occasional soothing shadow, before returning with the burning desire of a radiant heat, pouring from this Mediterranean sun. 

And all the while, beneath you, the soft soothing sand supports your every contour. Your cupped palms scoop and brush your breasts with the warm water gathering around you, delighting you with playful sensations. 

Where, on one side of your chest, you’re briefly obscured from the the sun, your breast and ribs hidden behind a shadow. Concealed from the light by the flap and sway of billowing silk, the loose linen of the gazebo. Your firm flesh now goose-bumping with excitement as the salt sea breeze coolly caresses the scattering beads of warm water that dare to cling to your skin.