Again the warm waters flood forward, the crystal blue flows over your thighs, reaching up around your hips and waist, climbing to your shoulders, and you no longer need to splash your chest and breasts, the sea is coming for you, seducing you, begging you to let go of the shoreline and be at one with the water. 

You know the water is gentle and gradual, seductive and slow, but you also know the power and potential, and you wrestle with how far you should go. But the thought of floating, just for a moment, on the surface, weightless and cherished, with the sunlight, the breeze, the shadow, and the water all around you, free, no longer connected to the land. Bliss.

You feel the water gather under your back and shoulders, a wet warmth soothing around your neck, and you know you will soon be lifted free of these smooth sands, and in that same moment you feel your body rise, every inch held by the surf, before gently you’re eased down onto the soft sand as the tide withdraws.

Playfully you grope the sands, your hands forming fists, grabbing at the wet silica, as if weighing anchor, to prevent your body being lifted and taken, swept out and away on the tide. And you feel your body drift again as a new wave gently climbs the sand bar and majestically raises you away from the white sands.

You sense the dancing movement of the shadows, sweeping over you from the linen drapes, their cover still stealing occasionally across your perfect body, their flapping sound perceptible, affirming and reminding you you’re safe, you remain close to where you began, if indeed you’ve moved at all.

A fresh wave delights as the warmth and power of the sea lifts you clean up and carries you a little longer, and for reassurance you reach down with an open hand and wonder, mesmerized as you discover you are only a couple of inches above the sand.

But now, as the water retreats, you no longer feel your body returned to the soft sand beneath your skin, and when reaching down into the clean smooth grains, while they remain easily within your reach, as the tide returns, rolling inward, you feel the cresting curve of its form pushing through and underneath you, gradually raising you farther from the bed of white sands below.

You float, delighted by the freedom, laying naked, rejuvenated, suspended on the water’s salty surface, the clear crystal-clean warm water, bath like, azure-blue, baptizing and bathing you, while the rich golden sunlight continues to caress every inch of your firm bronze body, and the cool warm sea breeze carries whispers of wealth and deep secrets.

Peaceful, deeply tranquil, the sound of the coastline murmurs, hushing and stroking over the surface of the soft white sands. Warming the touch, caressing the curves. The deep sunlight, the seductive breeze, the cool shadows and the warm tenderness of the water, all conspiring to comfort and arouse.

You lay serene on the surface, at one with the caress, nature’s elements in harmony, soothing and seducing one another. And where, from out of nowhere you hear a deep voice, a man’s voice, a loving and familiar voice, soothing as he says: “Hey…”