You sense the freedom, where usually there were lengthy minutes of mental unreadiness, requiring you to coax yourself to relax, and then open yourself to feel, channeling your senses away from the peripheral and external, and focusing them inward instead.

Finding the myriad of nerves networking the length of your spine and connecting your cerebral cortex to your clitoris, where physical contact and harmonic vibration trigger an opening inside your mind.

One that’s metaphorically paralleled with the physical opening to your body. Allowing the free flow of intergalactic energies to channel their nurturing energies, pouring wave after wave of loving acceptance, forgiveness, approval, confidence and arousal through you.

In harmony with the rain, beating against the window, you sense the lips of your labia slickening with every gentle rocking movement. Aimless senses trapeze across the surface of your body, paying compliment to every inch of your unyielding energy.

You slip your thumb under the cotton that tugs at the tip of your hip, and gently peel at the panty, shuddering slightly as the tender smooth skin there sighs with the relief.

Your insides weeping with feelings of deliverance, and you become aware once more of how primitive and primal your body’s needs, and how she resents the coverings and incarcerations our modernity mandates we obey.

The warm air circulating beneath the faux fox fur finds contact with a slick nectar the cotton had trapped when it had clung too tightly under the pull of the elastic.

Released, just a little, the chemistry of this exotic labial lubricant sends instant and immediate messages demanding greater freedom and abandonment.

The revolution has begun, your government is to be overthrown, you are no longer in charge, your body demands her liberation. Carbon, water, the essential blocks of universal life, where every cell within you now resonates to reunite with a higher power, one that created each and every element.

Your mind wrestles to release its cognitive grip, to let go, to trust your body and hand you over to this invisible and universal power.

Outside, thunder rumbles, and the trees “hushhhh” as they sway more passionately, sashaying back and forth. You feel them yielding to natures powerful suck and blow, the wind carrying the sound of each heavenly boom of thunder.

The storm hides high up in the swirling black ink of the swirling throng of cloud that covers the night, and the sound of Valhalla cries out audible, yet muffled, and where every low sonic-bass boom resonates inside you.

You adjust yourself and wriggle free of your knickers, realizing your last sighs of giving a shit are now spent, any last protest dying inside your mind as you receive one last telegram from the front line of your now broken government: “You are free to surrender, stop. There’s no one can hear you, stop. Let go, stop. Let it all go. Stop”

Pushing the smooth slender silicon shaft firmer against your soaking labia, her lips parting without hesitation, simply soaked with anticipation, you apply the gentlest pressure, nudging the memory of your hymen and slowly accepting any sense of restraint has fully dissolved.

The silken shaft slides gently into your vagina, softly stroking the tight wet walls that cling lovingly, welcoming and trusting every inch of your progress, freely allowing the smooth, firm shaft, to slide unencumbered deeper and ever deeper.