Instinctively you thumb the small golden button, and the swollen black silicon thumb that extends outwards from the nub of the shaft suddenly shudders with power and purpose.

You let out a mournful groan as you guide the captured agitator toward your clitoral hood. Your delicate fingers deftly helping smooth the way as you begin to rhythmically release ever deeper groans.

The hidden extremity of your clitoral coaxial, connects quivering electrical pleasures to your re-commissioned cortex.

Outside, lightning forks across the billowing mass of condensing cloud and an electric neon blue light explodes and refracts through the translucent droplets of water, their vapors shed, cling and beat against the window.

Their intensity snatches you momentarily back into a state of awareness, of suddenly knowing where you are, and in an equally lightning fast moment your critical mind finds an unfair way to find blame, or fault, in you, rather than side against nature’s rude intrusion.

You criticize your clitoris for not being larger, more prominent, blaming your god given modesty for the ease with which your approach to unlocking her ecstasy has been interrupted.

The truth, however, is you are perfectly and deliberately designed this way, your clitoral contact every inch as well equipped in creation as any other, however where some may claim good fortune by having a more obvious protrusion, yours sits deeper and requires more skill and cunning to coax and control.

And why would this not be true you are a fox after all.

The strength and beauty of your body, that beguiles so many good and strong men, is not a simple toy for their base or animal pleasure, far from it; you are divinely guided and connected to a fabric of feminine feeling that requires the utmost care and consideration.

You possess a far deeper and greater secret, where in simple terms it is only through your cortex where there is any possibility to experience a deeper, longer, truer connection with the heavens and the pagan gods of creation.

Yes, it might seem harder, but the rewards are exponential, and frankly anything that doesn’t require greater skill and patience can never hope to attain a greater value in reward.

Gently your fingers slide, glide and guide the shaft until tenderly the thumb powerfully discharges millions of minute and intensely focused vibrations all around your quivering clitoral hood.

You groan openly, willingly, tensing the muscles in your pelvis and tightening your buttocks to intensify the concentration. You feel amazing, your body working with such abandon, the wetness between your legs seemingly endless.

A deep comfort, a higher intensity of sensations as you begin to feel flashes, shock waves pulsing, first inside, around your labia, tight, bright bursts of sporadic shrapnel exploding there, then begins a salvo of bigger shocks, as the artillery of your arousal fires deeper into your pelvis, unloading an endless supply of ammunition, all the way up your spine.

You groan and shudder, you want to work the shaft in and out and feel the penetration, but you don’t want to sacrifice the intensity of the vibrations hammering at your beautiful clitoris.

Momentarily you realize you have the freedom to groan out loud, and as you let go, so you add to the ferocity with which these explosions are growing, working their way toward your chest and the pounding in your heart.