He places one arm forward to steady himself, and you sense his hidden strength revealed, summoning a softening inside you, sympathetic to how engorged his veins, they pulse as they snake across the surface of his muscular forearm.

Your excitement and anticipation accelerates as you feel his free hand pushing bravely at the rim of your sweater. You alternate your weight, shifting your pelvis to allow the knitwear to slip free and ride up easily above your waist line.

Pulling his lion-mane like head within inches of you, his broad open chest and powerful shoulders loom over you. Your mouths hover, hungry for one another, yet overridden by the desire of your eyes, who cannot, will not, compromise your interlocked gaze.

From the powerful light you breaking through from his deep brown eyes you sense his desire inside you long before the promise of his cock has even reached you.

Submission overwhelms you and you begin to allow your head to tip back and your upper body falls away offering by extension your beautifully gorged breasts arching upward beneath their knitted covering.

Your bullet-hard dark nipples, erect and longing for the attention they wantonly deserve. Your knees draw up towards you as if searching for sight of your shoulders, while your hips relax allowing your supple thighs to yield and spread, yawning slowly open.

His hands now pull at your sweater and rag doll you’re overwhelmed body cooperates, you close your eyes and release your right hands grip as effortlessly he pulls the garment away and over your head.

Opening your eyes to see the raw excitement flashing across his face as he fixes on the revealed magnificence of your screaming firm breasts. Your brazen nipples waving their distress, begging and urging him to rescue them from their stranded islands.

To feel his hot lips snog their firm surface, and reunite with the French kiss of his tongue hungrily feeding on each quivering nipple, neglecting one only to attend to the other.

He doesn’t hesitate. His lusting tongue flicking them gloriously, his hot lips sucking hard, starving and wanting. You groan loud on first contact, your left hand pulling harder on his neck, your fingers splaying out through his long hair to gain greater pressure against the base of his skull, where you cradle this man/boy.

Nursing him now at your breast, feeding him the nurturing love that swells behind the walls of your chest, where your heart pounds and pounds, gasping and groaning to keep pace with your lungs, pushing the blood, stripping the air of oxygen and heating the moans of dioxide you push away with every longing groan.

Your occupied hand, guided by memory, confidently resumes the tugging grip on his now rock hard shaft. His breathing has become erratic, his caress at your breast too intense to allow him time to draw the air he needs.

You feel him pulling his head away, his body straightening, his eyes staring directly into your own then working their way over the surface of your collar bones, the phenomenal firmness of your breasts and nipples, the feline curve of your chest, rising and falling.