You follow his gaze downward and acknowledge the beauty of the woman you see stretched out before this man. You look beyond the center-line of your taught body, your green eyes hooking into the threat and primal promise of the magnificent cock gripped confidently in your hand.

His eyes wait for your return, and you groan with anticipation as you gently tug him nearer, and your labia excitedly reports the pressure of his thick cock-head nudging at your luxuriantly soaked and separating lips.

Hurting, hollow and fighting with a fear that he won’t fit, you scramble to regain confidence and relax your tightening, insides exploding, insecure, despite the sensations of copious lubrication pouring through you.

You stroke the smooth fat head between your now soaking labial lips. You spasm as the guiding, gliding head of this massive cock pushes through.

And with seemingly glacial pressure and strength, a wave of surety and certainty pushes through you, slowly sliding aside the imaginary pillars of your lush, plush, perfectly tight, wet pussy, making safe harbor for his Herculean cock.

You breathe in and abandon your control, allowing your eyes to roll back into your head as you visualize the very proof of your possession. Losing yourself inside your fertile mind, where you choose to project the sight of his incredible cock glistening with your wetness, an image of your own conquest, now seared into your brain like a brand.

You lower any remaining defenses and surrender to the visualization you privately project behind your closed eyelids, the looping, thrusting, fluid movement, seeing his thick shaft disappearing inside you, over and over and over again.

Your free arm rests, bent, elbow at your side, palm up beside your shoulder, you feel his weight shifting as he retracts his arm, the firm grip of his strong hand anchoring around your bicep and his muscular motion pushing your arm out straight, exposing your bare flank, the ribs that swell with every gasp and groan.

You glimpse him eyeing you hungrily. He sees into your now open eyes and gently tips his head back, swelling his chest, breathing deeply, controlled, powerfully stroking every inch along the inside of your beautiful snug.

Gently gripping and releasing the miniature muscles along your pelvic floor, you squeeze and tease his throbbing cock, amplifying the sensations of every long deep stroke.

His open left hand now begins to press more firmly, palm down, fingers spreading over the back of your right thigh, pushing your long limb forward; your right knee stretching toward your right shoulder.

Tenderly opening you wider to receive more as this cock keeps growing and finding ever deeper passage. The tired muscle of your calf resting gently on his solid shoulder, slipping occasionally and sensing the solid physicality of his whole upper body.

You listen to his sounds, basking in the glow of his radiant affection. You visualize the deep, deeper, deepest, sliding motion and you feel so confident in the pleasure, feeling his masculinity complete you.

Deep inside you, both physically and metaphysically: body, mind and soul, you’re bound together in a corporeal copulation that transcends any and all meaning, together you connect as one, tied inside the eye of this storm, and defying the tempest that rages all around you. An intertwining of souls that has a history of consummate connection tethered to the foundations of time.