He’s begging, gasping, sounding like a man drowning, fighting to hold on, to keep going, you sense he needs your permission; some part of him can never sink peacefully into the limbic abyss of his bursting orgasm without your blessing. He needs your acceptance, your approval, only you can bestow this honor on him.

His truth exposed, he’s coming for you; your prince, your knight, your protector, your warrior, your rider in the storm. You, who’d been trapped chaste and alone in a metaphoric castle, and finally he’s here, way below, pushing, wanting and working his way toward you.

And he will come, you want him to come, you will him to come, and when he does you beg yourself to find the courage to surrender and allow your very core to crumble, your walls, flesh and blood, to shake with his releasing and free you to embrace the eternity of his longing, so good and deep inside you.

You place your free hand on the face of his thigh and with equestrian control his reigned motion stops, his shaft fully unsheathing, leaving only the spear tip of his heavy velvet un-hooded cock-head, immersed, nudging and moaning at the gates of your exotic, erotic citadel.

Your eyes open and he looks at you with hope, and seeking affirmation that he is pleasing and not failing you, he smiles and as if to convey the warmth of his confidence, with a deep dry voice he softly says, “you’re beautiful, you are so utterly beautiful”.

You look at him, expressing an apology, and softly you confess, “I can’t come, honey, I want to, god I want to, but I need…” he breaks in, “I know… I know… do you have anything here that can help?”

You glance down to your left, and in anticipation he releases your arm, straightens himself above you and begins stroking your long luscious thigh.

Free to twist beneath him, you tease out the once wet black silicon shaft and deftly engage the golden button that sends the squat thumb nub into a tight vibration, an immeasurably intense and powerful frantic motion.

Holding the shaft sideways to your body you gently extend your arm, skimming the surface of your stomach and sensing the physical intensity as your clitoris begins to reverberate to the sonic pulse and lightning-like flickering motion that comes her way.

Slowly closing your eyes, to reconnect with the spectral color projections, feeling the magnificence of this man resuming the slow labored journey of his full stroke into the tight wet beauty of your beautiful cunt.

Again you hear him, the scales of his voice raking over you, a serpent coiled with restraint: “You’re beautiful, so incredibly beautiful”. You buckle inside, broken by the sound of his voice, he brings an almost hypnotic resonance that resumes the rhythmic, looping, piston like imagery of his hard and heavy cock shafting so good inside you, over and over, with gradual unrelenting purpose and undeniable control.

The thrum of soft silicon reaches your aching clit, reigniting your cortex and splintering an array of magnetic lights inside your mind’s eye. Opening a channel of refracted light, revealing a treasure trove of precious stones: a prism of red rubies, blue sapphires, green emeralds, white diamonds, all burning bright and lavishing their spectral beauty, casting a kaleidoscope of color that dyes your mind.