This light flows through your spine, heats the surface of your clitoral cortex, and arcs like lightening, invisible to the human eye and binds a grip around the full length of his stroking cock.

And all the while his slender hips never yield as they continue their rhythmic pounding, working over and over, deeper and deeper, driving his love like a ram, battering at the bludgeoned wet and wild doors of your now heavily occupied and totally defenseless citadel.

Carefully you guide and glide the buzzing black silicone thumb, your stomach muscles clenching as he holds your legs wide and high and intensifies the power with which he’s pounding into you.

You groan, loving the attention of his cock, rubbing to reach organs you cannot hope to rescue, and you moan with ecstatic frustration every time his muscular movement jostles your guiding hand and breaks the arc light that leaps around your quivering clitoris.

You feel your firm breasts rolling over your ribs, moving freely with the heavy motion, both your hands thrusting down between your legs, one holding the silky silicon shaft for surety, the other guiding delicately the frantic vibrations that dance and scream their delight.

Your mind, a paradox, focused and abandoned, as you hands conspire, aiming to align their epileptic gyrations with the inherent synergy of Siamese twins, tugging at the same single thread that ties it all together.

And here it comes, the pitch and treble of your groans rising with every rapid shortening breathless pant and moan, yielding hot breath of unbridled pleasure.

You sense the transformation, just as you might when hovering over hot milk in a pan on a stove top, one where the heat has finally pushed through and broken the molecular rules that tightly hold the form, and now it’s free to breach its confinement and submit to its alternate state.

A butterfly breaking free, an exploding light, brighter than a supernova, as an older star collapses and a new one is born. And in this sweet moment, a temporal event, bending time and light, as the histories of two become singular in spirit and form.

Mentally, physically, metaphorically and literally, exploding with wave after wave of electric pulses that cause the marrow in your bones to melt. Fuck, the rigidity of your skeleton buckles, becoming silicon soft, your ligaments loosen, tendons trembling, muscles metabolizing and flesh falling away to reveal the naked pure light that lives inside the star that is you.

And here it comes again, beyond this peak your release has granted him the freedom to follow you headlong into the free-fall of epileptic pleasure. Muscles spasm as he breaks his silence and groans loud with the tectonic shift that erupts at the base of his spine.

Tears form in the corners of your eyes as you feel his cock stretching rigid like a baton, beating into you, an intense invisible tightening, gripping around his thighs and into the base of his shaft, where his heat now surges molten, erupting wave after wave of pulsing hot ejaculation, exploding into the very core of your creation, crystallizing the connection and confirming how he may never know another transformation of this magnitude.

At the very limit of an equinox, standing fully consumed inside you: two points at which the ecliptic cuts the celestial equator, your naked light breaking through his umbra. His armor gone, his siege defeated, his strength spent, lost inside you.