You breathe in, your body bathing within an aura of nourishing light. You reach under your pillow and tease out a bottle of CoCo Channel you’d placed there.

Holding the scent up toward the ceiling you puff the fragrance, watching the tiny specs atomize and sparkle as they catch the light, and you can almost feel each delicate decadent shard as they slowly drift down, and descend upon your body.

Your senses dance, coming alive with the scent, deep, decadent, rich, date and molasses, with an oriental spice. Coriander, pomegranate blossom and mandarin orange. Peach, jasmine and Bulgarian rose.

You sigh more heavily, and your deeper senses bloom, opening to acquire mimosa, cloves, orange blossom, clover and rose.

And as you breathe yet more deeply you uncover the base notes of labdanum, amber, sandalwood, tonka bean, opoponax, civet and vanilla.

Slowly you sigh once more, releasing a secret into the warm scented air, breathing out and letting go of all concerns, there’s nothing to fear, there’s nothing to lose and there’s everything to hope for.

Closing your eyes, you begin once more to allow your body to breathe in, slowly and deeply inhaling, feeling for the warm glow and golden light that’s forming all around you.

Beside you, tiny champagne bubbles are tinkling as they surface within their narrow fluted glass, while the deep and luxurious scent of the Channel interlocks with your mythical pheromones, mingling, to make your own unique, exquisite and sophisticated, scent and aura.

Continuously, your feet curl restless, caressing the bedding. Your gradual movement disturbing the fox fur throw, until you begin to imagine the form of a huge hound laying across your vulnerable body, guarding you, protecting you, keeping you safe and warm.

You feel the heat against you, you feel the animal draw breath and exhale, and you feel the canine heart beating, strong, alive, resilient and defiant, exactly like your own.

You push your arms out to either side and openly embrace the positive energy that fills the room, you know you are safe, and you know the universe is within you, within this very moment, and every moment, connected through you, and to you.

You are free to choose and plant the words that now seed and germinate, their roots reaching unrestricted within your mind, you know these words will shape your feelings and deliver you to your destiny.

You can choose to keep old words, or to create new ones. You can choose loving, nurturing words and you can feel their love and nurture.

Your hands curl up around either side of you, gently grasping the corners of the pillow. You wriggle your hips a little, stretching each leg a little further.

You glance to look down towards your long tapering legs and you see how the fox fur blanket rubs gracefully against you, affirming just how feminine and beautiful you really are, and how good you now begin to feel inside.

Your left-hand twitches, the tips of those errant fingers still sticky with the sheen of a honeyed, golden-wet champagne, a nectar found when foraging freely beneath the fox fur, their inquisitive curiosity fleshing out hidden yet heavenly pleasures, feeling stirred when sensually stroking between your long, firm and slender thighs.