You check the mirror, pull on your seat belt, slip in the ignition-key and turn, the engine chirps into life and the old CD player starts blasting, mid-track.

Wow! Loud! Guns and Roses, unfinished from your earlier drive home! You quickly drop the volume, bloody-hell, did I really have it up so high? you laugh to yourself, before selecting first gear, easing out the clutch and gracefully pulling out onto the road, heading into town and for the bar.

Rolling down the window, the rough noise of the road and the engine quickly compete with the sweet music and you turn the volume higher, the track’s ending, so you turn it up more, and BOOM! Axl’s voice full of unbridled power as Slash’s guitar rips, riffs and power-chords beside him:

I’ve been thinking about
Thinking bout sex
Always hungry for something
That I haven’t had yet
Well maybe baby, you
Got something to lose
Well I got something
I got something for you

My way your way
Anything goes tonight
My way your way
Anything goes to…

You’re shifting gears with purpose, loving how nippy this little car gets when you push her. The roads are clear and you’re loving the sight of the sunlight bouncing and sliding off the windscreen, as inside your bare thighs and knees make sexy little shifts with an even sexier little shimmy, every time you change up or down through the gears. And all the while, Axl keeps on screaming:

Panties round your knees
With your ass in da breeze
Doing that grind
With a push and a squeeze

Tied up, tied down
Up against the wall
Be my rubber-maid baby
And we can do it all

Hell this song is hardcore you chuckle, suddenly thinking you don’t want to hit the town so soon, to be dropping down to 30 and avoiding the police would be a major buzz kill, to put it mildly, no, c’mon, take a right at the intersection and grab a quick drive out on the open country roads, knowing you can easily cut back through and rejoin the town roads after a little bit of summer fun.

You down shift two gears, dropping the clutch and stabbing the accelerator, the little car beds in, like she’s been bitten by the spurs, and she delivers, your hips shifting to keep you centered, both hands gripping the wheel, feeling the road yield to your power, as you take control, overriding the lateral forces that pull you to and fro.

The music pumping, guitar, bass and drums thundering and Axl’s voice screaming yet again:

If I say I don’t need anyone
I can say these things to you
’cause, I can turn on anyone
Just like I’ve turned on you

I’ve got a tongue like a razor
A sweet switchblade knife
And I can do you favors
But then you’ll do whatever I like

Here I am
And you’re a Rocket Queen
I might be a little young
But Honey I ain’t naive

Here I am
And you’re a Rocket Queen oh yeah
I might be too much
But honey you’re a bit obscene